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10 Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss at WELL Summit Brooklyn on October 5 & 6

Our inside the WELL Summit series brings you exclusive content from our Summit sponsors. This series also includes content from WELL Summit speakers and what you can look forward to if you attend the event.

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We’re quickly approaching WELL Summit in Brooklyn, NY on October 5 & 6. The event brings together more than 35 expert speakers on topics that cover 360 degrees of wellness, and this year is proving to be one of the best lineups we’ve had yet. With thought leaders who inspire you not just to take notes on their wellness suggestions, but to also bring their practical tips back to your everyday life, WELL Summit is more than a weekend experience. Here are 10 of this year’s sessions you won’t want to miss.

Satya Scainetti, founder of Satya Jewlery.

1. Creating Malas and Miracles, with Satya Scainetti

In her fun, inspiring manifestation and meditation workshop, Satya Scainetti, founder of Satya Jewelry, will lead you first through the sacred art of mala making—and then demonstrate how malas can be used in a daily practice to help manifest real miracles. Creating your personal mala will work to open your heart and serve as a talisman for your individual empowerment and well-being. Each attendee will leave the workshop with a one-of-a-kind mala bracelet that they are encouraged to use for a 40-day meditation. The session also includes a guided meditation led by Satya herself.


2. Mental Health for Entrepreneurs: Shine Bright Without Burning Out, with Jenny D. Brice

Jenny D. Brice, psychotherapist and public health defender.

In this session designed specifically for entrepreneurs, psychotherapist Jenny D. Brice will teach you how to identify, prevent and heal from the dreaded burnout. You’ll learn how to perform a life satisfaction assessment, practice utilizing the FOCUSING method to cultivate internal awareness and create a personal self-care management and emergency plan for when burnout is approaching. Mental health is key to the success of you and you are the key to the success of your business—let Jenny help you thrive!


3. Ferment-Me-Not: How to Use Probiotic-Rich Foods to Grow Your Gut Garden and Heal Your Body, with Phoebe Lapine

Phoebe Lapine, gluten-free chef and author of The Wellness Project.

There’s been a wealth of data in the last decade about the role the microbiome plays in warding off sickness, losing weight and maintaining good mental health. In the last several years, the probiotics market has sky-rocketed into a 30-billion-dollar global industry. These pills promise to deliver billions of organisms to the bed of your gut garden, along with any number of health benefits from weight loss to reduced risk of heart disease. But do they actually work? Join gluten-free chef and author of The Wellness Project: How I Learned To Do Right By My Body Without Giving Up My Life, Phoebe Lapine, as she discusses her journey of healing her autoimmune disease through feeding her gut. Using her experience in the kitchen and demonstrating how to make easy fermented foods at home, Phoebe will share recipes and strategies for incorporating more fermented foods into your diet, why they’re so much more powerful than a pill and how they’ll make your life that much more delicious.

Nikki Novo, author, spiritual mentor + medium.

4. How to Clear Your Chakras and Manifest What You Want In Life, with Nikki Novo

Discover what’s holding you back from your best life by understanding and connecting with your seven chakras, the centers of spiritual power in the body. In this interactive session, you’ll learn how use your chakras to manifest what you want in life, to identify chakra imbalances and to clear them—all on your own.


Blair Badenhop, brand strategist + copywriter.

5. How to Brand Yourself to Stand out in the Wellness Industry, with Blair Badenhop

When you step into entrepreneurship, it’s easy to get caught in the comparison trap, believing that in order to be successful you have to follow in someone else’s footsteps. The truth is, your success and impact ultimately comes down to being a trailblazer—more specifically, being the REAL YOU. It’s in leading with unbridled authenticity that you become magnetic and gain the power to stand out from the crowd. The first step? Leveraging who you are to create a distinct personal brand. In this talk, Blair Badenhop teaches you three essential principles of branding: how to connect with your intuitive business vision, how to weave your story, style, and voice into your online presence, and how to cultivate what she calls “client woo-power.” If you’re the face of your brand, this session is for you.

Allison Knott, MS, RDN, CSSD, sports dietician and nutrition consultant.

6. Nutrition 101: The Basics, with Allison Knott

Bringing it back to basics doesn’t have to be boring. Allison Knott, MS, RDN, CSSD, will help you build a foundation of basic nutrition and explore common misconceptions. She’ll bring clarity to interpreting nutrition science as it is reported in the popular and social media, and help you understand and be able to apply basic nutrition principles to a daily routine. You’ll gain a better understanding of the importance of dietary patterns, and get tangible tips to incorporate into your daily life.


Ashlee Piper, author of Give A Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet.

7. 360 Degrees of Wellness: Sustainability as a Mindfulness Practice, with Ashlee Piper

“Fewer, but better quality” is a prominent adage that has guided mindfulness and sustainable living practices for decades. In this session, author and sustainability advocate Ashlee Piper will help you uncover small shifts that are not only better for the planet, but also help you live in the present with mindfulness. These steps will also help to unburden, and teach you to release attention, money and time, living into your values for 360 degrees of wellness.




Nell Rueckl, owner + founder of Spot Spas and Nell’s Remedies.

8. Make Your Inner Shadow Your Game Changer: How to Build Your Business By Engaging Your Weaknesses, with Nell Rueckl

This session is a down and dirty opportunity to dive into your areas of weakness, revealing deeper messages from your “inner shadow” to quickly, decisively fuel growth in your business. Running a business doesn’t always turn out like you envision, and hiring an “expert” to supplement the areas where you lack isn’t always an option. Instead of ignoring your weaknesses, this session will teach you how to embrace them to teach you to build an even stronger company. Each participant will complete a short vision statement, and you’ll walk away with a workbook to enable to you to use all you learned as a springboard for growth. Come prepared to journal, dive deep and share openly, so we can all learn from each other.


Mabel Nunez, founder + Chief Investment Officer of Girl$ on The Money.

9. How to Take Control of Your Finances and Live WELL, with Mabel Nunez

Through an open and honest discussion about the OVERALL “puzzle” of wellness, we’ll chat about money and how it represents an important part of holistic, 360-degrees of well-being. This session will explore why money can be taboo for many. We’ll get real about financial worry and explore tactical solutions for taking action through small steps that can help you achieve a healthier financial life.



Amber Wright, speaking coach.

10. How to Build a Successful Speaking Career, with Amber L. Wright

You have a message inside of you—and you’re ready to share it with the world! As exciting as that is, figuring out where to start can feel overwhelming. In this informative session with speaking coach Amber L. Wright, you’ll learn the basics of how to define your message, nail down your target audience and take those first steps toward finding and booking engagements. Come with your questions and get ready to ignite your speaking career.


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Nicolle Mackinnon

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