10 Top Wellness Trends for 2019, According to Experts

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With 2019 right around the corner (uh, hi!), it’s time to get our predictions in for what wellness trends are going to be worth your while come the new year. We say “worth your while” because though the wellness industry is chock full of trendy foods, extracts, exercises and strategies, what’s en vogue isn’t necessarily what’s best for your health. And doing allllll the trends doesn’t make you well. What makes you well is an individual, personal construct that we can’t tell you how to reach or give you the five-step program to achieve. So, while we certainly want you to know the latest for the new year, we also want you to know that what’s most important is if something works for you.

With that in mind, we checked in with experts, from mindfulness and meditation to mental health and beauty, to discover what healthy habits you should consider as you choose what’s best for you in 2019.

Keep reading for our 10 top wellness trends for 2019. 

1. Results + Non-Gimmicky CBD Skincare

“I see CBD EVERYWHERE—my hope for 2019 is to see results. This year, I plan to pay attention to and find the lines that are blending CBD in the most bioavailable way to the dermis. With the high demand for CBD, this will also come with the need for sustainable growing practices. I am intrigued by CBD because of all the research that is claiming the calming and restorative values of CBD.  I generally believe plants have the power to heal, and I’m betting we’re going to be witnessing a new frontier of natural healing for the skin.
On a lighter note, I believe that a lot of [skincare] gimmicks are no longer working on what’s proving to be a very knowledgable consumer base. I’m hoping the that the simple things are becoming the norm and quality of products will win in the market as I’ve been seeing a demand for quality over quantity for some time.” —Nell Rueckl, Founder, Spot Spas

2. Green Living’s Emphasis on Safe Fragrance

“We hope a big trend in household cleaning will be more products that are fragrance-free or scented with quality essential oils. Cleaners with ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ listed (if the ingredients are listed at all) are likely to contain thousands of unnamed harmful chemicals, especially endocrine-disrupting ones. With women becoming increasingly aware that their hormones do much more than determine their sex drive and menstruation symptoms, avoiding everyday products with endocrine disruptors will be a big focus. Not to mention that going fragrance-free also benefits those with allergies, asthma, eczema, cancer… pretty much any health condition that exists as it helps take stress off the body.” —Kelly Love, Co-Founder, Branch Basics

3. Mental Health’s Focus on Trauma Healing

“Trauma-focused healing modalities are gaining a lot of momentum! Our understanding of trauma has broadened to become more inclusive, and it’s therefore better diagnosed and treated. At both the systemic and individual level, we can thank ACES (the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) for providing very clear outcome data around the negative long term impact of trauma on quality of life and health. As a result, many health organizations are adopting a Trauma Informed Care (TIC) approach, a model that engages with staff and patients in a more therapeutic fashion—where empathy and connection reign supreme. Instead of asking people what’s wrong with them, we begin with ‘What happened to you?’ I think TIC is going to move more assertively beyond its healthcare home into the limelight in 2019.” —Jenny D. Brice, Psychotherapist, MFT, MPH

4. Meditation’s Guidance to Trust Yourself

“Give yourself permission right now to meditate daily! There is no more looking for where or seeking how—it’s right inside of you. Close your eyes, take a nice deep inhale through your nose, hold for a second at the top and let a big sigh out of your mouth! Then drop your shoulders, release your forehead and unclench your jaw. Continue breathing in and out of your nose, focusing on bringing your breath into your belly and feeling in your heart. Recite to yourself gently, ‘I am welcome in my home every moment of the day I choose to come back here.'” —Vanessa Feils, Meditation Guru & Intuitive, Life + Career Stylist

5. A Wave of Blue Beauty

“I think that 2019 will be all about Blue Beauty. As consumers start to understand the importance of our sincere and sustained attention on environmental health, they will look for brands that are going beyond being green—minimizing plastic pollution and waste—while also going blue and making real efforts to contribute back to environmental causes. Beauty brands will  minimize packaging and plastic, while still maintaining a creative, memorable and branded experience. I expect we will see a lot of innovation in packaging and products that are refillable, up-cycled and lighter on our environment. I believe it will be a transformational year for how we see beauty sold, packaged and marketed, and brands will find every way to ride the Blue Beauty wave.” —Jeannie Jarnot, Founder, Beauty Heroes

6. Individual Sovereignty in Relationships

“Get ready to reign supreme in 2019 because the new year is all about individual sovereignty in your behavior and relationships. In the past, you may have felt obligated to spend time with people who don’t meet your vibrational frequency, or you may have apologized guiltily for declining invitations… but you know what they say about the past: You need to learn from it. And because you’re such an attentive student, you know all too well who feels like sunshine and who feels like fog. A sovereign is selective about the people they spend time with, and in 2019, that’s the kind of power you may be ready to step into. Use your cosmically keen insight and discernment to see relationships for what they are—emotional contracts that last only as long as they serve all parties. Remember, your personal ascension is not about mastering other people; it’s about mastering yourself. So stand tall, straighten that crown and do you without apology.” —Vanessa Linsey, Founder, The Grid

7. Knowledge is Power in Women’s Health

“We think two trends will be huge in women’s health in 2019. The first is ‘knowledge is power.’ Like never before, women are proactively seeking out information about their bodies, their health and their fertility. The second is ‘sharing is caring.’ Women are increasingly speaking out about personal health experiences that were previously considered private or taboo. Michelle Obama talking about her miscarriages and IVF was huge, and we see more and more Kindbody patients sharing their own stories and experiences with friends and on social media. It’s an incredible thing, because it really normalizes this type of care, and it lets other women know that they are not alone.” —Rebecca Silver, Brand & Marketing, Kindbody

8. Sustainable, Plant-Based Nutrition

“In 2019, I think the food and nutrition trends will continue to center around plant-based eating and the connection between diet and the environment will be strengthened in messages about the food choices we make. With more creative plant-based meals with a nod to sustainability, this eating pattern will likely make its way into the mainstream food and nutrition conversation. I hope this translates to greater access to plant-based meals in a variety of restaurant settings and other locations where food is purchased.” —Allison Knott, MS, RDN, CSSD, Registered Dietitian and Board-Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition


“Instead of wellness coming at a high cost and being inaccessible, I see wellness in 2019 being tuned towards paying attention to our mental and emotional energy. FOMO is out, and JOMO (the JOY of missing out—feeling content to stay in and disconnecting as a form of self-care) is in. Self-care is going to be about mental and emotional well-being, not about unicorn face masks and $3,000 retreats. People are going to go inward, and find the joy in taking care of themselves holistically.” —Gianne Doherty, Founder, WELL Summit & Organic Bath Co.

10. Yoga for Restoration and Recharging

“Based on some of the teaching requests I received in 2018, in 2019 I expect to see students continue to seek out yoga-focused experiences (like goat yoga) as well as yoga in unique and interesting locations such as museums, as well as beautiful outdoor locations such as river-side, beach-side, dock-side and anywhere you can catch a beautiful sunset.

In terms of indoor more ‘usual’ class predictions, I expect to see an even-bigger drive toward restorative, gentle, nourishing classes. As a national yoga teacher, I’ve seen a sharp spike up in interest, enrollment and satisfaction in meditation and restorative-focused classes. People are tired and they’re looking for ways to deeply recharge.” —Sara DiVello, author, Where in the OM Am I? Best Memoir Winner, NIEA and a Shape Magazine Book Selection


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Nicolle Mackinnon

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