3 Herbs You Should Be Taking to Glow from the Inside Out

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“You are what you eat” is one of those adages that’s kinda true. What you eat does show up on your skin, eventually. But that just means that we have more control over that from-the-inside-out glow. So we tapped celebrity facialist Cecilia Wong, a champion for the holistic lifestyle and Traditional Chinese Medicine, for the secret to unlocking that covetable glow.

Cecilia says that Traditional Chinese Medicine views an imbalance in the skin as a result of an imbalance within the body. “Everything is connected and a person’s diet and the season can definitely have an impact on your skin,” she comments. “TCM seeks primarily to correct internal imbalances, rather than to treat symptoms alone.”

To help with potential internal imbalance, Cecilia recommends adding three herbs—sage, licorice root and parsley—to your diet. She says, “These three are key to any healthy skincare regimen as they foster overall skin health while enhancing overall health.”


Sage removes toxicity and kills parasites while simultaneously calming and stimulating the nervous system. When it comes to skin, its power lies in its ability to combat acne and eczema. In TCM, sage regulates the body and promotes better circulation. It can also help soothe irritability and restlessness, and it restores qi. Cecilia says, “Sage is very cleansing! You can use it in smudging, cook it in soups and even make tea with it.”

Licorice Root

Licorice Root is soothing and anti-inflammatory, and an immune strengthener. For the skin, it brightens, restores moisture and encourages the skin to “act” young again. From the TCM perspective, licorice root replenishes and assists the flow of qi in the body especially in the spleen and stomach. This herb is also known as a harmonizer and helps you to be more balanced and grounded. So, how should you get it? “Licorice root is mainly used in teas or as a supplement in capsule form,” Cecilia says.


Parsley is best known for aiding in digestion and regulating the flow of chi. It works to brighten the skin, while reducing blackheads and inflammation. In TCM, curly-leafed parsley is used in herbal medicine to aid digestion. Due to its detoxing and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help you have more energy and clarity. Says Cecilia, “Parsley can be used in cooking, herbal tonics and teas. I also love using it in my baths—it’s both therapeutic and medicinal!” She also shares her favorite DIY parsley toner recipe: “Simply infuse a handful of fresh parsley in aloe vera juice and let it soak for one week. Then, drain the aloe vera juice, and you have a natural facial toner!”

Cecilia reminds us that we should make sure to consult a doctor or an herbalist before incorporating herbs into your diet. She says this helps to avoid interactions with your existing medications, and ensures you get the proper amount. But, once you start taking them, there’s no set time as to when someone can experience results. Give them at least two to three months, but you could notice a difference sooner.

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