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3 Ideas for a Gluten Free Wedding

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How you may have landed on eating gluten free truly varies person to person. Perhaps you have the privilege to choose day to day depending on how you feel. For those who find gluten free a non-negotiable, planning a significant celebration like a gluten free wedding can create anxiety before the strategizing even begins. Cross-contamination and hidden ingredients are a great concern, not to mention the gluten free price tag that follows. To bring your own food or eat before a dinner party is one thing, but to go hungry or chance it on a day you want to feel your best and enjoy all the pieces to your celebration is quite another. 

Before you decide whether or not you will hire a caterer and baker to do the heavy lifting, here are a few tried and true ways a gluten free wedding could be your reality. Read on for our small, medium, and large variations to consider.

Gluten Free Wedding Snacks

1. Small bites and snacks

If your wedding falls within a mealtime it’s common courtesy to provide enough food to sustain the event and meal overlap. However, picking the time and communicating what will be provided is just as essential. There are fewer rules than ever when it comes to how a wedding needs to look and feel. This party is yours and your people will embrace your design. A 3 pm wedding with a cocktail reception to follow or a 7 pm wedding with 8 pm snacks and drinks could make a gluten free small bites and appetizer theme both possible and enough.

  • Pick a protein packed hummus like this delicious red pepper hummus Nicolle served at her gluten free wedding. Add crudité and charcuterie boards like we did for our June picnic. Fill in with other small bites using ratios to guide you on the amount of food you want to have.
  • Wherever you serve drinks, serve nuts. People will congregate at tables, beverage stations, and seating areas. Set out bowls of sweet and spicy nuts in these designated areas for the perfect gluten free protein add to your menu and social time.
  • Display your desserts. Pots de crème, mini parfaits, mini flourless chocolate or coconut cakes, homemade salted caramels, and seasonal fruits both decorate and delight. All can be made gluten free and ahead of time. Pick a couple varieties to mix and match your spread.

2. Medium work using both catered and homemade creations

  • Order the meat by the pound and create DIY homemade sides. Finding restaurants and caterers who can provide gluten free guaranteed meats like Brasa in Minneapolis might be a strong possibility in your city as well.
  • Gather a team of friends and family willing to make batches of designated sides and deliver them ahead of time. With your slow roasted pork catered, think about adding cabbage slaw that holds up if made the day before or a classic potato salad, or both. Add in some gluten free, jam filled cornbread muffins and a side of slow roasted beans. All that’s left will be to schedule or hire out help to heat, serve, and keep things stocked.
  • Rethink that wedding cake. Maybe you don’t love cake, but what about freshly baked pie? End your night with this delicious gluten free Threeberry or Lemon Curd pies from The Maine Pie Co. Jill Miller has taken her years of baking experience and her husband’s Celiac Disease as inspiration to create a delicious gluten free pie that ships anywhere in the United States in 1-2 days!

Maine Pie Co Threeberry Gluten Free Wedding Pie

3. Large plates and a long buffet table for a grand communal meal

Friends bring gifts and cards, but what about a favorite dish as a part of the festivities? Gluten Free Girl, Shauna, tells how they invited their guests to share in the love of feeding by bringing delicious side dishes to go with a catered lamb roast on their special day. Don’t miss the place cards designed to label the dish, highlight the cook, and list potential allergens for guests to fill their plates accordingly. The card’s back side left space for the recipe story which they now have as keepsakes. Just lovely. Shauna writes, “One of my favorite sights of the day was seeing a line of people waiting to gather food onto their plates and another line of people who had just come from the tables, already eating, before they even reached their seats.”

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  • I love that you recommended ordering meat by the pound for your reception. My sister is getting married next month and she’s gluten-free. I know that after I tell her she’ll be able to organize the whole event much better. Hopefully, she can save some money for her honeymoon too! Thanks again for the great tips and advice.