3 Smart Ways to Drink Enough Water Each Day

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We’re sure you know that you need to drink water to stay healthy—but did you know that according to the CDC, 79 percent of Americans drink less than seven glasses of water each day?

Mild dehydration isn’t always enough to cause alarm, but it might be the reason your irritable mood, workout or work life is suffering. According to the team from Hidrate, a smart water bottle, not getting enough H20 could be the culprit behind your pesky afternoon headache or recurring migraine. Even more, you may feel tired or less alert, making it seem impossible to stay focused or check tasks off your lists. Luckily, upping your sip count doesn’t have to be a huge feat. Here are three basic rules that’ll help you make sure you drink enough water each day.

1. Know how much water you need to drink each day.

Though it’s often recommended everyone drink eight, 8-oz glasses of water every day, the Hidrate team says it’s important to know that the number can vary by person and activity. “It’s really important to factor in your weight, activity level and even location,” the team explains. “For example, if you’re in high elevation, you should drink more water. The same applies to heavy travel days or extra long workouts.”

To know how much you need to drink, try using a mobile app that factors in your unique physiology, activity and location. You’ll likely see some change in the number each day, but will know that you’re definitely drinking enough to stay in good health.

2. Pre-measure how much water you know you need to drink.

When it comes to getting enough water once you know what your magic number is, the Hidrate team says pre-measuring your H20 can be a game changer. To pre-measure and set yourself up for hydration success, fill your water bottle/s for the day. “This will help make sure you’re on track to finish all of it by the end of the day, and you won’t lose count of how many glasses you’ve actually had.”

3. Track your H20 intake.

Have a hard time remembering to drink your water, even after you’ve measured it? Tricks like keeping your water bottle nearby, leaving notes on your desk or on the fridge, and setting alerts on your phone can all help a ton. If you’re looking to invite a little more tech into your life, something like the Hidrate Spark 2.0 bottle might fit the bill. It syncs with Fitbit so you can track your steps and your sips in the same place, and comes with an accompanying app that’ll help you monitor how much water you’ve had each day. Even more, it’ll glow when you need to drink.

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