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360 Degrees of Wellness: Meet Sara DiVello, award-winning author, speaker, and national yoga teacher.

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Welcome to our newest series, 360 Degrees of Wellness. I founded the WELL brand back in 2014 on the belief that wellness should be a 360-degree conversation. Wellness isn’t just what the number on the scale says, but what you put on your body (hello, getting hives from skincare products), the company you keep and the thoughts you feed yourself. Living well is not just what you eat—it’s also about how you talk to yourself; it’s how you nourish your mind and soul. It’s about the consumer choices you make, the effect they have on others and the planet. It’s about the work you do and environment you spend your time in. All of it is connected.

In this series, I’ll be interviewing wellness luminaries on what wellness means to them and how they practice it in their daily lives. Wellness is well-rounded, a 360-degree perspective in our lives, and we want to encourage our community to lean into what they’re already doing, as well as give them tips on being WELL. So, without further ado, here’s our interview with Sara DiVello!

Sara DiVello is a national yoga teacher, speaker, and the author of the best-selling book, Where in the OM Am I? One Woman’s Journey from the Corporate World to the Yoga Mat, NIEA-winner for Best Memoir, selected by Shape Magazine as a best book, and named a must-read for anyone considering a career change (or just a good laugh) by Working Mother. She has appeared on CBS and the Huffington Post Live, as well as in Forbes, the New York Times, ABC, CNBC, the San Francisco Chronicle, and more. Her articles have been published in Marie Claire, Elle, Redbook, Dr. Oz, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, and more. Sara lives in Boston with her husband and their thirteen-pound rescue mutt, Pelu. 

Meet Sara DiVello, award-winning author, Speaker, and yoga teacher.

Your first book, Where In The OM Am I, chronicles your journey of getting off the corporate rat race and becoming a yoga teacher. What tip would you give people who want to make a life change?

Making such a big life change can feel completely overwhelming (ok, terrifying, even) because of obvious reasons (financial, for one), as well as the value we attach to our professional roles, titles, and responsibilities. Considering and then undertaking a change requires clarity and courage–clarity on what you really, really want versus what you think you “should” do, and courage to then make the leap. But before you can do either, you need to create a sense of calm, because no good decision comes from a state of stress and chaos. In my workshops, I use yoga tools to help people get grounded and create that sense of calm so that they can start to ask the sort of questions that will lead them to start getting clear on their goals.

What do you think people would be surprised to learn about you?

I speak Russian. I learned from my college roommate, Sonia. She and her family kind of adopted me and so it was total immersion on the weekends. Back in the day, I spoke it well enough that I could get away with people thinking I was Russian. I’m rusty now, but I can still get by.

A Focus on 360-Degree Wellness With Sara

What does 360 wellness mean to you?

I think wellness is about feeling good and fulfilled in all the facets of your life. It’s not about adhering to about any particular diet or workout. And it’s definitely NOT about deprivation. It’s about a general sense of well-being, energy, and abundance. It’s about looking at ALL the areas of your life, taking stock, and making sure you’re in alignment with your choices, that they’re serving you well. 


What’s your favorite way to move your body?

I love walking my beloved 13-pound rescue dog, Pelu, every day. It’s a welcome break in my day. At the gym, I like to use the elliptical. Some people say it’s boring, but I find the repetitive motion calming, and sometimes I multitask and chip away at my email 🙂


What’s your money mantra? 

Save to spend on what brings you joy and nourishes you, body, mind, and spirit. 


How do you tend to your emotions when you’re stressed?

I hunker down, cut back my social schedule, and ramp up the self-care: epsom-salt baths with essential oils, extra-nourishing food, and making sure I get to the gym.


Are you an introvert or an extrovert? How does that drive how you take care of yourself?

I learned recently that what makes someone an introvert or an extrovert isn’t whether they’re “good” at being social (which is what I’d mistakenly thought for a long time, it’s what fuels them: solitude and downtime, or being out and social. By this definition, although I love being social, am nourished by deep conversations with friends, and am super energized by teaching, speaking, and taking the stage, by this definition, I am still definitely an introvert, and getting that solitude and downtime is key to recharging my batteries. Knowing this, I now carve that time out. I say no to stay home. I look at that as self-care.


What’s one sustainable lifestyle swap you recommend?

Bring your own reusable containers when getting takeout/bringing leftovers home. We’re all in the practice of bringing a reusable water bottle/bag (or at least I hope we are!) so food containers are the natural next step. I’d like to see restaurants give a credit for this. We all need to be working together to save our planet.


What part does spirituality play in your wellness journey?

To me, yoga and meditation are spiritual practices and the way they help me to slow down, breath deeply, and be calmer and more mindful are key parts of my wellness. 

Interested in meeting Sara DiVello in person? Join us at WELL Summit on April 25th—you’ll get access to her book, plus a whole host of other wellness perks.

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Gianne Doherty

Gianne Doherty

Gianne Doherty is an inspirational and educational speaker, clean beauty advocate, co-founder of Organic Bath Co. and founder of WELL Summit. You can find her on Instagram @wellsummit and @giannedoherty. Her weekly series, Balanced Hustler, on WELL Insiders is a deep dive into entrepreneurship.



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