Photo of Tracy Anderson courtesy of MitoQ Ltd.
Photo of Tracy Anderson courtesy of MitoQ Ltd.

360 Degrees of Wellness: Meet Tracy Anderson, Fitness Pioneer and Creator of the Tracy Anderson Method

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Welcome to our newest series, 360 Degrees of Wellness. I founded the WELL brand back in 2014 on the belief that wellness should be a 360-degree conversation. Wellness isn’t just what the number on the scale says, but what you put on your body (hello, getting hives from skincare products), the company you keep and the thoughts you feed yourself. Living well is not just what you eat—it’s also about how you talk to yourself; it’s how you nourish your mind and soul. It’s about the consumer choices you make, the effect they have on others and the planet. It’s about the work you do and environment you spend your time in. All of it is connected.

In this series, I’ll be interviewing wellness luminaries on what wellness means to them and how they practice it in their daily lives. Wellness is well-rounded, a 360-degree perspective in our lives, and we want to encourage our community to lean into what they’re already doing, as well as give them tips on being WELL. So, without further ado, here’s our first interview!

Tracy Anderson’s achievements as a fitness and wellness pioneer and author make her the world’s most renowned expert in the industry. She is best known for her revolutionary Tracy Anderson Method, with countless celebrity devotees and clients across 50 different countries. Over the past two decades, the Tracy Anderson Method has grown and evolved, though the basic premise remains the same: Tracy continues to develop new routines and customized programming to ensure that no client ever plateaus based on her ongoing research and content creation.

Tracy still creates new and unique workouts daily, which her clients can tune into via her Online Studio. But in case you’re hoping to sweat it out with her in person, she’s leading a special class for VIPs at WELL Summit on Oct. 19 in Brooklyn. Until then, let’s take a look at how Tracy defines 360-degree wellness, including how she balances her international work with her personal dedication to health.

Photo courtesy of MitoQ Ltd.

Meet Tracy Anderson, Fitness Pioneer

Your revolutionary workout has grown into a fitness empire that spans countries and continents. How do you manage it all and keep a focus on 360 wellness (not just physical, but emotional, mental and spiritual too)? 

I manage it by prioritizing my relationship with myself. At the end of the day, not everyone that you serve or employ can see the work you do to do the right thing. When you start any kind of life’s purpose as a service, you make a dedication to yourself to take on the real meaning of serving others. So for me at the end of the day if I reflect, I am really honest with myself. Who and what did I show up for in a way that I can say that I am proud of? Who and what could I have shown up for better, and how will I work to balance those imbalances that I can see today ASAP because there will be new ones that come up tomorrow?

Family comes first. Always. In reality, most families rely on someone to bring home the income so showing up for your work responsibly and consistently is showing up for your family, but I never let that mentality prevent me from a significant amount of school drop offs and pick ups, making dinner, doing the dishes, bedtime and so on. I am not a weekend and vacation kind of working parent. I rather like the challenge of the balance. Surrounding yourself with a working team that you can be yourself around and that life is allowed to happen with is also key. 

What wellness products are you obsessed with?

The wellness products I am obsessed with are things that improve my ability to connect more to myself and help my body perform its best with only natural support. I eat a lot of healthy, antioxidant-rich meals and to help my body perform its best, I take MitoQ which is the only supplement I take. MitoQ is a special form of CoQ10 that is able to penetrate the mitochondrial membrane (something other CoQ10 supplements cannot do as effectively). The mitochondria are what the body needs to convert nutrients (like air and water) into energy. MitoQ gives me more energy, helps me manage my busy training schedule and life as a mom!

Everything else I get straight from food. I exercise daily, I get really good sleep at night, I only drink wine and the rest are things that make my outside feel as good as my inside. I love C and the Moon’s Malibu-made body scrub, which makes my skin feel like silk. I use May Lindstrom Skin’s Blue Cocoon on my face and I love the smell of Tata Harper’s Irritability treatment aromatherapy.

Photo courtesy of MitoQ Ltd.

A Focus on 360-Degree Wellness With Tracy


What’s your money mantra? 

My money mantra is to learn and to continue to learn and to make sound choices. Making money and spending money are both healthy if you find the responsible, but generous balance.  


How do you tend to your emotions when you’re stressed?

Emotions are a signal of life. Of a healthy life. It is very important to lead a feeling life and to understand that you have a feeling field. Processing your emotions by including your physical self in the conversation can keep you from becoming physically sick or uncomfortable as a result of your powerful “feelings.” We are meant to feel.

It is when we start to become numb, robotic, dismissive, or desensitized that our feelings can turn into a real health crisis. The right kind of exercise produces very healthy hormones and it also has the power to balance your nervous system. All making feelings take on a whole different shape. We become one with ourselves in a much more powerful dynamic. 


Are you an introvert or an extrovert? How does that drive how you take care of yourself?

I feel that I am a balance of both. I believe in people. I believe in the power of meaningful relationships. I believe that we have no shortage of kindness in each of us to give and spread. I love to be there for others and I am grateful when others are there for me.

I also really love and need my time with just my family. When I am alone with my children, the work slows in a different way that feels the most healthy to me. I also have always had the most conversations with myself inside that don’t come out until I am really ready to share them.

Photo courtesy of MitoQ Ltd.

What does community mean to you?

To me community signals support, connection, nurture, and can have the strength of one giant enveloping hug. 

How do you incorporate wellness into your family life?

I live it. I spend money on organic food over expensive consumer products. I would rather spend money on what goes in my body or directly on my body over anything material any day. I also really show my family by example how to move your body, rest and nourish your body so that you can be resilient to all of life’s uncertainties. I also really believe that you need to really give and be able to receive a lot of love to have a healthy family life.  


What’s one sustainable lifestyle swap you recommend?

Get rid of plastic bottles and stop buying so many clothes.  


What part does spirituality play in your wellness journey?

I have always felt a very strong and rooted connection to my spirituality. We all have a real spiritual, as well as scientific, energy to us. How you choose to use your energy in this world matters. How you treat yourself and others with that energy affects your health and the health of those around you. I set clear standards and limits for myself on how I will treat others and how I will allow myself to be treated by others. Some people are not meant to stay in your life unless they can reframe the use of their own energy and the power of how it can affect you and others. I think that spirituality is best used when people slow down and make space in themselves to move through life with grace.

Interested in working out with Tracy Anderson in person? Join us at WELL Summit on Oct. 19 as a VIP—you’ll get access to her Tracy Anderson Method in person, plus a whole host of other wellness perks.

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