Photo courtesy of Blair Badenhop.
Photo courtesy of Blair Badenhop.

4 Ways to Make Your Wellness Business Stand Out, From an Industry Insider

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Launching any business can be overwhelming, but launching a wellness business can feel particularly daunting as the market proceeds to thrive and entrepreneurs continue to saturate it. But standing out in wellness doesn’t need to be an exercise in futility, assures Blair Badenhop, wellness copywriter and brand strategist. At WELL Summit in Brooklyn in October 2018, Blair brought her expertise and inspiration to fellow entrepreneurs, along with the four things they can do ensure they—and their brands—stand out in the wellness industry. 

Keep reading for the best way to stand out in the wellness industry.


Photo courtesy of Rachel Hanon Photography.

1. Get Comfortable with Being You.

Incessantly scrolling through your Instagram feed, scouring the internet for feature articles on founders who share a similar business idea or tamping down your personality to sound more like that successful woman you so admire: While we may tell ourselves these practices are for the sake of inspiration and success, trying to adhere to a mold someone else has carved out will not serve your business—or you—in the long run. “A lot of people feel like they have to fit into a box to be successful,” Blair says. “But that’s a sure fire way to blend in, not stand out.” In our increasingly connected world, standing out can feel intimidating—or nearly impossible. But authenticity goes a long way in elevating you from the crowd because it resonates with your audience on a deep level. “The more yourself you are,” Blair reminds us, “the more magnetic you become.”

When launching your wellness business, Blair advises, clarify the impact you want to make. What is your dream scenario? Who are you helping? What services are you providing? Once you have a clear vision for your brand, your business focus will intuitively reveal itself. Then you can name your audience and finally, you can begin to infuse who you really are into your brand.

Share your story on your website, on Instagram, wherever you want people to get to know you as a brand founder. And don’t shy away from the not-so-shiny bits. Tell your audience about your struggles, the bumps in the road, the moments where everything wasn’t perfect—and then tell them what you did to change things up. It may be challenging to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, but these details are what make you authentic and relatable. “You are your most powerful branding asset,” Blair says. Getting comfortable with who you are, and sharing that with others, is one of the most powerful ways to stand out in the wellness industry (and in life!).

2. Trust Your Instincts.

Seeking advice from other business owners and those who know you best can feel like a lifeline when running your own company, but nothing supplants your own gut instinct. “One of the biggest mistakes brand founders make is not trusting their own intuition,” Blair cautions. “You have to tune into what feels right to you right now. Check in with yourself first—don’t give your power away by checking in with others first.”

We’re often so accustomed to asking others for their opinions that we forget to do a “gut check” within ourselves. When we pay attention to how our body is feeling, we can connect to our best, most well-honed instincts. Ask yourself: What is it that you feel called to do? What lights you up when you talk about it? Don’t talk yourself out of something because you feel you “should” do something else. “Stop should-ing all over yourself!” Blair says. “If you’re should-ing, you’re not in alignment.”

She suggests making connecting with your intuition a sacred process:

  • Meditate and journal. Schedule an hour a week to intuitively tap into your business vision. Sit with yourself to find what you’re called to do. Ask yourself, what impact can I make? What do I want to be known for? What problem do I want to help solve? Whatever comes to mind, just write it all down. It may take a few times, but you’ll start to discover the answers.
  • Write out your own story. How have you transformed your own health? How did you get here? What made you pivot? What did you overcome to land here? By answering these questions and writing out the story of your own journey, you will inform your vision for your wellness business.
  • Take action. Now that you have your story down, tell people about it—and the vision you’ve clarified for your business. Share with them your expertise. As you begin to secure clients, you can tweak this vision as needed; it’s only natural as your business evolves that you’ll become more focused along the way.
  • Pay attention to how you feel. How does your intuitive business vision feel in your body? Sit with that question and resist the urge to rationalize what you’re feeling. It may feel overwhelming or complicated, but if it’s good, if you’re on the right path, it will feel light in your body.

“When we align with our purpose, trust our instincts and embrace all of who we are, we become unstoppable,” Blair reminds us.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Hanon Photography.

3. Break the “Compare & Despair” Cycle.

Whether you’ve fallen down the social media rabbit hole or spent time at a networking event only to leave feeling like the wind has gone out of your sails, you know all too well the dangers of the “compare and despair” cycle. “If you’re always looking outside of yourself,” Blair says, “you fall into this vicious cycle.” It’s tempting to look at others and feel like you’re not far enough along in your success, or you don’t have what it takes (insert other self-limiting beliefs here). But highlight reels are just that—they’re meant to showcase only the best moments, and aren’t a true reflection of someone else’s journey. Comparing only leads to discontent, and that can get in the way of all your ingenuity, hard work and talent. When you find yourself being pulled into the cycle, stop, take a few slow deep breaths and look inward to remind yourself who you are, and why you started.

“The biggest mistake I see is copying others,” Blair says. “You’re not bringing yourself to light in your brand when you do that. Use your own creativity! What do you want people to experience on your site, or on your feed? Infuse your story into your brand; be open and vulnerable. Share your own unique story!”

4. Brand Yourself with Authenticity.

Why is it important to infuse you into your brand? “Because there is no one like you!” Blair says. “It’s your differentiating factor. Assess who you are, work on what prevents you from being who you are and then shine your light on the world and walk in your truth.”

To help you authentically brand yourself, Blair suggests these tips:

Bring your style to light. Consider your personal style. How do you decorate your house? Use your own style as inspiration. Do you use clean lines, neutrals, pops of color? Reflect that on the website for your wellness business. It’s hard to recognize your own style, but you have one. What are you visually drawn to? Create an inspiration board; then you have clarity around your vision and you can work with your photographer and designers to bring that to life.

Use your own voice. Not everyone sounds naturally funny or cute. Define your own personality and use your own voice in your brand. Try recording yourself talking, then transcribe it. What do you recognize in yourself? How are you speaking—are you energetic? Grounded? Calm? Consider how your show up in your life. This will help with your brand voice, and lend to its authenticity.

“It’s your duty to know, trust and honor yourself, including how you run your wellness business,” Blair advises.  By honoring who we are, listening to our instincts and sharing our authentic selves with the world, we are able to stand above the fray, and ensure our wellness business stands out from the crowd. 


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