4 Ways to Use Manuka Honey in Your Skincare Routine

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There are so many reasons to add Manuka honey into your skincare routine. From its antibacterial qualities to its moisturizing abilities, the New Zealand-born honey is a powerhouse ingredient (in fact, we’ve discussed in depth the reasons Manuka honey should be in your beauty routine). But what if you’re not into DIYing your own mask in the kitchen? These four products are perfect additions to your skincare routine, and they boast Manuka honey as key ingredients.

Keep reading for four ways to use Manuka honey in your skincare routine.

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Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Night Cream with Bee Venom

We’ve been using this night cream since it launched in late 2017, and we notice a big difference in our skin’s softness, especially during winter months. It’s an exotic blend of natural ingredients, including rare New Zealand organic Manuka Honey, premium bee venom and rosehip oil. Manuka honey is a natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin to enhance its elasticity, giving your face a firm, brighter and youthful look. Bee venom works to stimulate the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines for smoother, firmer feeling skin. Rosehip oil is full of antioxidants that work to help protect skin from environmental stressors and leave skin feeling rejuvenated.

Image courtesy of La Bella Figura Beauty.

La Bella Figura Beauty Purifying Manuka Mask

We love Manuka honey for helping to deal with skin’s inflammation and irritation. If you’re struggling with breakouts as seasons change, La Bella Figura’s Purifying Manuka Mask is a great choice to help skin rebalance. It’s a complexion clearing formula that’s designed to bring bacteria and dirt to the surface, as well as balance oily skin types. With Manuka honey as the base and a combination of mineral-rich actives and purifying activated charcoal, this mask aids in eliminating blackheads, reducing oil and clearing problem-prone skin, for a healthy and renewed, smooth texture.

Image courtesy of OY-L.

OY-L Face Wash with Manuka Honey

Adding Manuka honey to a face wash was a genius idea if you ask us. Enriched with Manuka 20+ honey, OY-L face wash is great for daily use, with a unique combo of honey and oil as its base. It helps cleanse, purify, soothe and restore skin, while not stripping skin of its natural hydrators. It helps prep your complexion for whatever comes next in your routine, and it smells light and fresh.

Image courtesy of Mahalo.

Mahalo Skin Care The Petal Mask

A combo hydrating and lightly exfoliating mask, Mahalo’s The Petal is an incredible fall-to-winter mask. Its pink color makes it super fun to apply (you sort of feel like a unicorn), but actually packs a powerful punch.  The Petal has 28 active ingredients that nourish skin with active enzymes and replenishing nutrients. Bio-active Hawaiian and Manuka honeys are prized for their therapeutic enzymes and unique antibacterial components that encourage instant rejuvenation and nurture skin cells in a potent, lasting way.


Want more Manuka honey? Try our DIY masks you can make in your own kitchen.


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