Lemon Laine interior. Photo courtesy of HulloSam.
Lemon Laine interior. Photo courtesy of HulloSam.

Lemon Laine Brings Green Beauty to Houston

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Green beauty is getting a new player, and the excitement surrounding this brick and mortar retailer is Texas-sized. Lemon Laine, which got its start in Nashville, is launching its 1,000 square-foot store in the Heights neighborhood of Houston, Texas, at the destination shopping center Heights Mercantile.

Founded by Laura Lemon, CEO, the retail store will bring a fresh experience to its clientele, including a vibrant interior and—skincare junkies, rejoice!—an customizable oil bar where, for $65, customers can create oils from scratch while getting their skincare questions answered by Lemon Laine store associates.

As Laura told Beauty Independent, the oil bar “is really the heart and soul of what we are doing. It’s a way for us to sit down and have a conversation with our customers to not only make customized products for their skin, but give them a consultation on other skincare or wellness items that will help them meet their skin goals.”

To that end, Lemon Laine will offer items to support gut health and wellness practices, including Moon Juice, Sun Potion, Cocokind and even probiotic yogurt. “My fundamental beliefs is beauty starts on the inside,” Laura says. “If people are having issues, I feel I can’t just offer beauty products for them. I really need to talk to them about wellness and the comprehensive tools they should have in their toolbox to meet their skin needs.”

It’s this passion for customer care that no doubt has been a huge part of Lemon Laine’s success. The expansion to Houston is self-funded; the company has not received external investment. Evan Lenoir, Laura’s husband, worked as a senior director for Restoration Hardware; he now serves as Vice President of Finance and Operations. Together, he and Laura have chosen the retail locations that resonate personally.  “Our general rule of thumb is we only want to go somewhere where we would want to live and hang out,” Evan told Beauty Independent.

No doubt that Houstonians will want to hang out at Lemon Laine. With hand-picked and curated products from over 70 brands, this green beauty retailer is taking Texas by storm, one meaningful customer-facing interaction as a time.

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