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5 Beauty Subscription Boxes For Your Lifestyle

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Subscription services are all over the place as of late. You can have meals, clothes, makeup, snacks and more delivered to your doorstep for a (small or large!) fee, streamlining practically all of your daily processes and giving you access to respected or up-and-coming brands you might otherwise never have known existed.

The beauty subscription box was one of the original, and we have to say, getting a box of curated skincare or makeup products in our mailbox once a month is pretty enticing. But in the current sea of boxes, which one is right for you? We picked our top five to make it easier for you to select the perfect one for your lifestyle.

5 Beauty Subscription Boxes For Your Lifestyle

For the OG Fangirl: Goodbeing

The original nontoxic beauty box, Goodbeing is an awesome way to detox your routine and find out about new products. They do a great job of selecting new and well-loved brands, giving you so many options to build up your beauty routine. They also showcase brands in a variety of price ranges, making clean beauty accessible. $9.95/month, with beauty and lifestyle options


For the Vegan Beauty: Petit Vour

Vegan doesn’t always mean nontoxic, but at Petit Vour it does! These lovely boxes give you really generous samples of each of the four products, and they guarantee the goodies are vegan, cruelty-free and nontoxic. The boxes are well-curated, and give a great mix of skincare, bodycare and makeup. They also have a killer loyalty points program on their website (which you can buy from even if you’re not a subscriber), so you’re rewarded every time you spend money on something you love. $15/month


For the Minimalist: Beauty Heroes

Beauty Heroes was founded on the idea of using fewer products, but falling more in love with those products. It’s the beauty equivalent of your favorite t-shirt: You wouldn’t give it up for anything. The monthly beauty box curates one full-sized product (the Hero), plus a secondary goodie (the Sidekick) every month, and is often on the forefront of up-and-coming brands. It’s a great way to get really familiar with a product because you get way more than a sample that will last a few day. Plus, once you’ve determined your top picks, you get 15% off the Beauty Heroes online store as long as you’re a subscription member. Starts at $115 for 3 months


For the More Than Beauty: LoveGoodly

Beauty not your whole jam? This box is for you—it combines nontoxic beauty products with supplements, tea, jewelry and more. Every other month, you get a selection of products that work together (think a mineral blush + brush), plus an eco-friendly accessory (like chic eco hair ties). LoveGoodly also has 12 eco labels that they use to showcase brands’ unique niches, and to give you the chance to shop what’s most important to you. $29.95, bi-monthly


For the Green Gent: Back to Basics

Let’s be real: Often, green lifestyle marketing is tailored to the ladies. But, thanks to Back to Basics, the guys can now get in on the goods. Every month, guys get a box tailored to making the transition to toxin-free easier. They focus on things that are most important to a guy’s routine (think deo and mouthwash), with a few extras thrown in. $29.99/month

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