5 Full Moon Rituals to Try Tonight

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As a 33-year-old entrepreneur in the wellness space in Boston, I run two companies, and have a very demanding schedule. To balance that out, I rely on a few sacred rituals around the new moon and full moon each month to keep me healthy and avoid burnout. I’ve been practicing them for many years, and they create routine and stability in my life. The steps below are simple but very powerful when practiced with intention. 

Full and new moon rituals help to keep me grounded and focused, and the full moon is a good excuse to re-shift my focus and intentions when life gets in the way. It also helps to make sense of the world and the natural cycles we go through. 

From the season outside, to the season within (according to your Ayurveda type) from the moon cycle to your monthly cycle, there can be a lot going on energetically and physically that our bodies/moods may be reacting to. But, we’re not, on a conscious level, necessarily aware of.

Keep reading for five full moon rituals to try tonight, during the full moon.

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How the Full Moon Can Impact You

When you break it down, it’s as simple as this: We know that bodies of water around the world change and react energetically, vibrationally and physically during a full vs. new moon. Well, our bodies are made up of 60 to 70 percent water, so it would make sense that we too are effected by the cycles of the moon—whether we are fully aware of it or not. 

During the full moon, energies and emotions can be heightened. For instance, I always have a hard time falling asleep close to a full moon. You also might notice your animals acting restless during the middle of the night.

The energy that comes when the moon is the largest and the brightest in the sky calls for many things from cleaning house (literally cleansing/cleaning up) to letting go of what you no longer want. Whether you want to soak in the energy of the moon or simply take a look at your to-do list and goals, I encourage you to do whatever feels good and exciting. 

5 Full Moon Rituals to Try

1. Cleanse Your Body

Soak in a tub of epsom salts, put on a clarifying hair mask, and apply a charcoal face mask. This ritual’s purpose is to really exfoliate and get into the pores, deep cleansing every part of your body and getting rid of everything unwanted.

During your tub soak, you can focus on a simple mantra meditation, something body positive or focused around health, or you can just simply scan your body from head to toe, asking your cells to renew, asking your body to cleanse itself from inside out, and asking your muscles to heal from any pain. There are some beautiful guided meditations around health/beauty/renewal on OrinDaben.com. I also love burning this candle made with palo santo to cleanse the space around you.

2. Clean House

With intention, clean away clutter, dust off your alter and cleanse your home with my favorite intention cleaning line made by a coven of witches in Salem! The products smell heavenly and help set intentions of the purpose behind cleaning and tidying up. 

3. Light it Up

Make a fire, light candles, embrace the fire/aliveness and celebrate the high energy of the full moon. Now take all of those unwanted habits, limiting beliefs, things you thought you wanted but that no longer serve you and write them all down. When your list feels complete, throw it into the fire (please be safe at home) and watch your list burn away. 

4. Soak Up the Energy of the Full Moon

Take all of your crystals and put them outside under the full moon’s light to cleanse, re-charge and purify. Put out some bottles of water to charge under the full moons light and drink in the energy of the moon the next morning.

And if you are feeling brave, walk outside with a mirror or reflective object and reflect the light of the moon onto you. Call in her energy, her magnetism, her power and take it within! (Not going to lie, my neighbors definitely saw me doing this a few months ago and will never look at me the same. I’m a modern witch who owns it, so I’m good with that.) You do you; whatever feels comfortable!

5. Attend a Full Moon Circle

Attend a full-moon circle where women gather and dance, sing, chant and set intentions as a tribe. If you are local to Boston, check out Hawthorn Retreat Center for new and full moon circles. 

If you are craving to dig deeper into this knowledge, my favorite astrologer, Chani Nichols, has great workshops and moon rituals according to your astrological sign that you can do at home.

May your full moon rituals re-energize, re-align and rejuvenate your souls and spirits. And remember: Just have fun with it! You can’t do it wrong. Your inner guidance will lead you to what feels right and wrong!

Interested in more moon knowledge? Here’s how it can impact your menstrual cycle, and you can harness that power to reach your goals.

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Kristina Tsipouras

Kristina Tsipouras

Founder of Moroccan Magic + Boston Business Women, Kristina is a serial entrepreneur who was named as one of Boston Business Journal's 40 Under 40. She is also the founder of Busy Girl Boston and ZOOS Greek Tea, a published author, a Huffington Post blogger, and an active mentor and volunteer to young women interested in entrepreneurship. She and her brands have been featured in USA Today, Forbes, The Boston Globe, and many other high-profile publications.



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