Photo by JD Barnes. Makeup by Rebecca Casciano + Christopher Michael.
Photo by JD Barnes. Makeup by Rebecca Casciano + Christopher Michael.

5 Makeup Trends That Will Be Huge in 2019

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From the classic red lip to the glitter eyebrow, there’s something for everyone in 2019’s makeup trends. Also in the new year, expect to see some current beauty trends evolving into much-needed makeup movements, reflecting positive changes in beauty culture and the world. As a clean beauty makeup artist and Sacred Beauty Coach, I see these trends as more inspiration to celebrate and own our beauty, once and for all!

Keep reading for the makeup trends you’ll see everywhere in 2019.

Applaud Inclusivity

Finally, we’re seeing more makeup brands try to represent diverse races, sexes, sizes and ages through their product offerings and marketing efforts. Just in the past year, we have witnessed several commercial and clean beauty makeup lines expand their skin tone ranges and expect more will do it big in 2019. We still have a long way to go, so please show your support by sharing inclusive beauty brands and campaigns. (Check out Vapour Organic Beauty, Au Naturale and Axiology for brands already crushing it.)


Photo courtesy of Lydia Hudgens.

Embrace Clean Beauty

Now that the clean, plant-based beauty trend is a bonafide movement, there is only more growth to come. We will continue to see conventional makeup brands clean up their ingredient lists, while lesser known clean beauty makeup brands rise in popularity and availability. This is a big win for wellness, so if you haven’t made the transition to plant-based beauty yet, now is the time!


Photo courtesy of Tracy Toler.

Be Colorful

Whether it’s on your lips, cheeks or eyes, a bright pop of color is fun, fabulous and fierce. If you usually keep your makeup soft, then trying a bold color is a great way to push your beauty comfort zone and express a different aspect of your personality. The bonus of this look is that it’s best worn alone, with little or no other makeup needed.


Photo courtesy of Lydia Hudgens.

Highlight Your Beauty

Luminous makeup continues to be a staple beauty trend for all skin tones. Adding a highlighter product to our eyes or face reflects the light and enhances our bone structure. Highlighters can be found in liquid, cream or powder formulas, with a slightly shimmery finish. Apply to the browbones, inner corners of the eyes, tops of cheekbones and cupid’s bow for instant radiance.


Photo courtesy of Zev Starr-Tambor.

Return to Minimalism

After a few years of following #instagrambrows and the contouring craze, we’re turning back to the basics. I’m happy to report that natural looking brows, no makeup makeup and glowing, healthy skin are all trending over on the ‘gram. While I appreciate dramatic makeup looks, I also want people to know they don’t need to wear a lot of makeup (or any at all) to feel beautiful.


Looking to make some beauty swaps in the new year? Check out our five easy tips to clean up your beauty routine.

About The Author

Rebecca Casciano

Rebecca Casciano

Rebecca Casciano is a makeup artist, natural beauty activist and founder of The Sacred Beauty Movement. She’s on a mission to empower women through healthy beauty, self-love and sisterhood. Her makeup artistry has been featured in magazines such as ELLE, Essence and Thoughtfully, and she has worked with wellness mavens like Hannah Bronfman and Gabrielle Bernstein. Rebecca is passionate about sharing the connection between inner and outer beauty through one-on-one and group workshops in New York City and nationwide.



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