Photo Courtesy of Nantucket Yoga Festival.
Photo Courtesy of Nantucket Yoga Festival.

5 Mindful Yoga Events You Need to Know About

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Yoga, as a practice, provides benefits that care for both your physical and mental well being. We often look to yoga as a way to ground ourselves and tend to our personal wellness. It becomes a part of our routine but let’s face it, sometimes we want to take a little adventure! Finding the mindful yoga event that fits your practice, personality and availability is easier than you think. We’ve got our favorites and want to share all the details with you. Whether you’re looking for a getaway or just one day to hit the mat somewhere new, the following events have a little something for every yogi.

Photo Courtesy of Yoga Reaches Out.

Yoga Reaches Out

This is a fantastic event out of New England that’s not just a yoga-thon (a full day of yoga with amazing presenters), but it’s also an awesome fundraising event benefiting the patients and families of Boston Children’s Hospital and their wellness center. Attendees raise money for the charity and in exchange get to practice yoga with 1,000 like-minded people, shop amazing vendors, listen to live music and make new friends. This is a one-day event every spring and is not to be missed for those looking for the feel good add on of charitable giving and Seva or “selfless service.” Past presenters include: Kathryn Budig and Seane Corn.

Photo Courtesy of @wanderlustfest.

Wanderlust and Wanderlust 108 Festivals

Likely two of the most notable yoga events, but also the most accessible are the Wanderlust and Wanderlust 108 festivals, held in various locations across the country throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a one-day event or the opportunity take three to four days away from your norm, the team at Wanderlust has designed a myriad of options for even the most discerning yogi. We had the opportunity to attend both the Wanderlust festival in Stratton, Vt., as well as the Wanderlust 108 in Boston, Mass., last year and would recommend looking into the best fit for you, your fitness level and your schedule (since the options are many). With national and recognizable yoga presenters, fitness options, hikes, author discussions, social gatherings, food, shopping and more, these events are jam packed with things to do. Past presenters include Elena Brower and Koya Webb.

Photo Courtesy of Telluride Yoga Festival.

Telluride Yoga Festival

Set in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Telluride Yoga Festival offers a beautiful locale to practice yoga while taking in breathtaking views. In addition to regular yoga festival offerings, this event offers Kids Yoga Camps, Full Day Immersion Workshops, Fun Runs and more. The location is awesome for the true outdoor lover; you can take in the fantastic summer activities that the area offers. Mountain biking, river rafting, tubing, rock climbing, off road adventures and more will keep the adventure junkie just as happy off the mat. Past presenters include Coby Kozlowski and Amy Ippoliti.

Photo Courtesy of Bhakti Fest.

Bhakti and Shakti Fest

These events, held in Joshua Tree, Calif., bring a lot of the sacred roots of yoga and the history into the festival format. With nationally known presenters and Kirtan performances, the Bhakti and Shakti fests look to bring a spirituality to the experience, helping attendees focus on personal growth. Participants are able to take a wide range of workshops focusing on healing, personal relationship building, holistic practices, tantric rituals and more. These festivals are meant to bring mind, body and soul into synergy so you leave feeling renewed after investing in yourself and the experience. Past presenters include Shiva Rea and Bryan Kest.

Photo Courtesy of Nantucket Yoga Festival.

Nantucket Yoga Festival

The Nantucket Yoga Festival brings together the very best yoga instructors, wellness experts and healthy living guides for one inspiring weekend. And did we mention it’s on a gorgeous island, just a short ferry ride from the mainland? For those looking for a mindful experience who are also called to the ocean in the warm weather, the Nantucket Yoga Festival is the perfect little getaway. By coming together to explore ways to find a happier, healthier, more peaceful way of living, the folks at NYF urge us to try to affect positive change in our community and ultimately in the world around us. Past presenters include: Sara Divello and Dr. Drew Ramsey.

Want more info on yoga practices? Check out how the Nantucket Yoga Festival doubled its size in just one years, and yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley’s thoughts on how yoga is a radical act.

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