5 Nontoxic Sunscreens to Pack in your Labor Day Bag

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With the summer winding down, it can be easy to leave your sunscreen at home and get a little careless about protecting your skin. But, just because you’re not planning a last-ditch beach hurrah doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stock your Labor Day bag with a few nontoxic sunscreen options. Skip the Banana Boat and pick up these mineral options instead.

Why You Should Choose Nontoxic Sunscreen

The majority of the sunscreen options on the shelf at the drug store are going to be chemical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays before they can cause damage to the skin, but those same chemicals have been shown to be hormone and endocrine disruptors, meaning that they mimic the hormones our body naturally makes. These chemicals can mess with our reproductive systems and our metabolism, and they’ve been shown to stick around in our bodies a lot longer than we previously thought. Some of these ingredients to look out for are:

  • PABA
  • Oxybenzone
  • Octinoxate (octylmethoxycinnamate)
  • Homosalate
  • Octisalate
  • Benzophenone

What To Look for In Mineral Sunscreen

When thinking about non-toxic sunscreens, look for physical sun blockers, also known as mineral sunscreens. Instead of absorbing UV rays like chemical sunscreens do, mineral sunscreens block the rays entirely, preventing damage to the skin. The two most common to check active ingredient lists for are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—they offer safe protection from the sun.

5 Sunscreens to Add to Your Labor Day Weekend Bag

Choosing a mineral sunscreen doesn’t have to be a chore or super complicated. And the benefit to the nontoxic sun blockers of 2019 is that they don’t leave behind the white residue reminiscent of an 80s summer pool party movie. These are some of our favorites for protecting your skin while also being light, easy to rub in and super easy to use.

Babo Botanicals Daily Sheer Facial Sunscreen SPF 40 (Reef Safe)

I’m a firm believer that you should have two sunscreens, one for your face and a second for your body. You don’t use the same night-time moisturizer on your body and your face so the same rules apply here. Babo Botanticals’ facial sunscreen is a favorite, since it has moisturizing ingredients such as aloe, shea butter and rosehip oil included in the ingredients.

Juice Beauty Tinted Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30 (Reef Safe)

I love the smell of Juice Beauty’s facial sunscreen. It smells fresh, almost like it’s immediately telling you that it has fewer chemicals and that it’s good for you. This sunscreen has a combination of apple, grape,and aloe juices with zinc oxide for protection and it’s perfect for everyday use. I opted for the sheer option, but if you are looking for a tinted SPF for your face, this is a great pick.

Raw Elements Broad Spectrum Eco Formula SPF 30 (Reef Safe)

If you’re planning on being active over the long weekend, Raw Elements is a great option for full body coverage. The brand is actually a favorite of surfers, and even if you aren’t planning on being quite as active as a surfer, this is a good choice if you plan on being in the water. The sunscreen has a thick creamy texture, but doesn’t leave greasy/oily residue behind. Plus, the brand is all about protecting the oceans from chemicals as it is about protecting you—its founders created the first-annual World Reef Day this year.

Love Sun Body SPF 30 (Reef Safe)

Love Sun Body’s lightly scented sunscreen will leave you smelling like the Ben & Jerry’s store—and I mean that in the most endearing way. The sunscreen has a thick consistency so make sure to rub it in well and remember—a little goes a long way! It’s great for longer beach days, and is gentle enough for the kiddos.

Ursa Major Force Field Daily Defense Lotion SPF 18

If your Labor Day plans don’t include as much outdoor time, incorporate Ursa Major’s Daily Defense sunscreen into your routine. This sunscreen leans more towards a moisturizer with broad spectrum coverage, so it’s a great staple to have in your bag all year round. Bonus: It’s totally unisex, so it’s great protection for anyone, every day.

Interested in why mineral sunscreen is the better choice? Read about why chemical sunscreens are damaging our oceans, and why you even need sunscreen at all.

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Hannah Lombardo

Hannah Lombardo

Hannah Lombardo is passionate about clean beauty and began chronicling her clean beauty journey as a creative outlet to share product/ingredient knowledge. She is a New Englander at heart and you can find her exploring local farm stands and towns in her free time. You can follow more of her clean beauty (and non-beauty related) adventures on Follow the Coat and Instagram (@followthecoat).



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