5 Reasons to Keep Coconut Oil in Your Medicine Cabinet

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Coconut oil has been on the holy-grail list in the wellness world longer than the phrase “January detox.” And for good reasonNaturally anti-bacterial, this delicious smelling, multi-purpose staple has earned its place in our medicine cabinet. But it’s more than just a moisturizer—here are five ways to use it anew this year.

Before your shower.

DIY Body Scrub: I love a good scrub. Full disclosure, my company, Organic Bath Co., has an entire line of crowd-pleasing scrubs. Cult favorite? Java Jolt! But if a Java Jolt isn’t handy, I can easily mix up a simple exfoliating scrub with coconut oil and sugar. My skin definitely misses the nourishing blend of oils we use in Java Jolt, but in a pinch coconut oil and sugar will do the trick.

Hair Mask: High in protein, vitamin E and lauric acid, coconut oil makes a great hair mask as a base or on its own. Leave on for at least 10 minutes.

In the shower.

Shaving Oil: I’ve used coconut oil as my shaving cream plenty of times and it leaves my legs smooth and moisturized. Warning: This will clog the razor if you don’t rinse it well with hot water, so don’t use your boyfriend’s good razor. Been there, done that. Learn from my mistakes. 🙂

Out of the shower.

Skin Moisturizer: I use a shea butter-based body butter most of the time (shameless plug: Organic Bath Co.’s Drenched Body Butter has won multiple awards and is our top-selling product). While coconut oil doesn’t penetrate my skin as much the multiple ingredients in Drenched, it still works well for moisturization.

Hair Moisturizer: A little dab of the oil on dry hair is a great natural moisturizer for your hair. It goes a long way, so I use coconut oil to add a natural sheen to my hair, as well as tame flyaways.

Want more DIY? Try our at-home pumpkin spice or our Manuka honey masks.

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Gianne Doherty

Gianne Doherty

Gianne Doherty is an inspirational and educational speaker, clean beauty advocate, co-founder of Organic Bath Co. and founder of WELL Summit. You can find her on Instagram @wellsummit and @giannedoherty. Her weekly series, Balanced Hustler, on WELL Insiders is a deep dive into entrepreneurship.

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