5 Smart Ways to Use Your Credit Card Points to Reinvest in Your Business

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Using a business card for work-related spending makes separating your personal and professional life easier, and it can also help you rack up valuable points that’ll help you reinvest earnings back into your venture. Even more, points are sometimes more valuable than money is, which will also enable you turn just a little into a little bit more. Ready to wise up about how you cash in? Read on for five ways to use your credit card points to reinvest in your business.

1. Spend on business travel.

Did you know that points spent on travel are often worth more their cash value? For example, points redeemed on items in travel categories through Chase and the company’s partners will take you 25 percent further; even more, you can transfer points to Chase travel partners such as Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and more. To smartly spend, consider work-related flights, hotels and experiences. Whether you’re flying to a meeting or need lodging for a conference, your points can help you get there.

2. Stock up on office stuff.

You may not see office supplies, tech gear or business books listed as specific items you can redeem online, but a gift card to Barnes and Noble, Target or Staples might do the trick. Once you’re in the store, consider shelving, your computer needs, basic supplies and even bathroom stuff for your home away from home. Over the course of an entire year, you’ll see that using points for regular office needs can help you save a solid amount of money.

3. Purchase client gifts.

Want to send a client a bottle of special bottle of wine, congratulatory cupcakes or something else you’ll never find in the on-site points panel? Choose to literally cash in your points for dollars, which will show up on your next statement.

4. Reward your team.

You can celebrate your team with gifts or an experience, so think about either gifting them a card they can use on themselves or redeeming your points on an experience you can all share together—like a rented Airbnb property for a fun offsite, a dinner that facilitates more bonding, Shutterfly credit for printing/hanging pictures of your incredible work crew at the office or something else entirely. Your employees will appreciate your creativity and thoughtfulness.

5. Treat yourself.

Self-care is the name of the game, and taking care of yourself will ensure you’re healthy and energetic enough to ensure that your business and team keep chugging along. So use your points to treat yourself to anything you see and love, like credit at GILT, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, new workout gear or something else. You deserve it!

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