Photo courtesy of @lolewomen.
Photo courtesy of @lolewomen.

5 Snacks to Throw in Your Bag for After the Gym

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You know the feeling: You’re still on cloud nine after that workout, endorphins coursing through your veins and your skin aglow from a good sweat when you realize you the only fuel you have between the gym and your next meeting is a stick of gum and a few disintegrating Altoids. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some nutrient-dense snacks that will help keep your energy level up while satisfying that post-workout hunger. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, these are the five snacks to throw in your bag for after the gym.

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1. Eat Enlightened

Made with roasted broad (aka, “fava”) beans, these crunchy snacks from Eat Enlightened come in a wide array of flavors to satisfy whatever you’re craving. From mesquite bbq and wasabi and sriracha, to cocoa and sweet cinnamon, these chips boast seven grams of protein in 100-calorie packs. Go ahead and get your crunch on.


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Photo courtesy of aha Pure Foods.

2. aha Pure Foods

The perfect meal in a jar for when you have time to sit down and eat, aha Pure Foods are ready-to-heat-and-eat, plant-based soups chock full of veggies and spices to nourish your hard working body and keep you functioning in peak form. And, because the brand believes in educating their customers on the healing power of plants, you can trust these soups will help see you through that dreaded seasonal cold, as well.


Photo courtesy of Farm to People.

3. Watermelon Road

The grown-up, healthy version of the fruit roll-up has arrived: Meet Watermelon Road fruit jerky, small-batch snacks made with whole, dehydrated ingredients. With a focus on clean eating and only safe ingredients—the founder’s friends and family members have rare autoimmune disorders—these sweet snacks have mouth-watering flavors like Pineapple Mojito, Apple Pie, Mango Margarita and Watermelon Lemonade. Best yet, each snack contains only ingredients you’ll recognize, and have no trouble pronouncing.


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4. Moon Cycle Bakery

Founded on a mission to support women during their menstrual cycles, Moon Cycle Bakery creates sweet snacks to address whatever symptoms you’re having, while delivering big, beautiful flavor in every bite. Whether you’re suffering from cramps, nausea, low energy or other symptoms, these snacks—available in gluten- and dairy-free—will uplift your energy level, nourish your body and soothe your spirit with nary a hot water bottle in sight.


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5. Elemental Superfood

Whole, raw ingredients form the basis of everything Elemental Superfood makes: Inspired by her daughter’s food allergies to dairy, wheat and sugar, founder Nicole Anderson knew there had to be a better way to snack than on processed foods. Using seeds, nuts, dried fruit, honey and other ingredients to fuel the body, Elemental Superfood snack bars (and crumble) deliver a naturally sweet crunch to keep you energized throughout the day.


Need a fresh-from-the-garden snack idea? Learn about the benefits of summer berries.

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