5 Stylish Ways to Take Your Loungewear from Workout to Happy Hour

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Who’s not familiar with the struggle to get your workout in, between sleeping, meetings, date night and meal prep? Without the real ability to add extra time into your day, fitting it all in requires streamlining in whatever way you can. That’s why we’re so on board with the athleisure/loungewear as work-wear trend. Brands are making it easier than ever to reduce the time we spend thinking about, prepping and packing our clothes to move from gym to office (and back again). We’ve pulled together five stylish ways to take your loungewear from workout to happy hour, minimal changing required.

Keep reading for five easy ways to transition from workout to happy hour.

Image courtesy of Athleta.

1. Put a blazer on it.

Adding a stylish blazer can transition nearly any outfit from workout to wherever. Even track pants can be dressed up with a blazer on top. The Cosmic Blazer from Athleta is made of smooth, yet structured fabric that elevates your gym gear and gets you ready for your next meeting, whether it’s in the boardroom or for happy hour.

Image courtesy of Carbon38.

2. Add a jumpsuit.

Loungewear at its best, a one-piece jumpsuit makes getting ready post-workout a snap. It reduces the number of choices you have to make about outfits, and pairing it with a structured white collared shirt gives it instant polish. Add heels and you’re ready to go. We like the simplicity of this black jumpsuit from Carbon38.

Image courtesy of @bellabeat.

3. Make your accessories work for you.

We’re living in a time when fitness trackers don’t have to look like marathon training gear. Gorgeous gadgets that record and help us manage our sleep, our cycles, our exercise and even our stress can enhance our style instead of taking away from it. Bellabeat’s new Chakra fitness tracker comes with both a necklace and a bracelet option, and can even be turned into a mala necklace if that’s your style. We love that its app includes guided meditations to lead us to calm, on top of tracking our workouts.

Image courtesy of Nine56 Studio.

4. Create a capsule loungewear wardrobe.

The mental benefits of minimalism are well-documented, so why not apply those principles to your loungewear too? Nine56 Studio is launching a capsule lougewear wardrobe for stay-at-home moms, work-from-home entrepreneurs and women who want their clothes to work harder while being sustainable. With fewer pieces to choose from, but that all pair perfectly together, choosing an outfit to throw in your  bag for post-workout becomes easier than meal-prepping for the week.

Image courtesy of K-DEER.

5. Choose leggings that work for you.

Patterned leggings are all the rage right now, but loud prints don’t always translate to a work-appropriate setting. Choosing leggings that work for you, with small embellishments, are way more transitional, and can follow you from yoga to dinner (throw on an oversized sweater and tennies), no problem. We like the Victory legging from K-DEER in magenta/coral for a bold, neon statement.


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