Photo courtesy of missophoto.com.
Photo courtesy of missophoto.com.

5 Takeaways From WELL Summit 2019

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This past weekend, WELL Summit 2019 kicked off in Brooklyn, NY at the Brooklyn Expo Center, where we celebrated the fifth year anniversary of the wellness event that’s focused on practical, useful information you can bring back to your everyday life I’m feeling incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to attend—I’ve never been to an event where I was surrounded by such smart and incredibly motivating women in one place where the goal was to talk about wellness and self-care. I’m still reflecting on all the conversations and panels, but five learnings are rising to the top as things I’ll remember from this wellness weekend.

5 Things I Learned at WELL Summit 2019

Photo courtesy of missophoto.com.

1. Menstrual Care is being disrupted.  

Molly Hayward, co-founder of Cora, attended and spoke at the conference and I was gripped by her story. Cora’s mission is to provide menstrual care products to girls in developing countries, where it is common to find girls who stay home from school during their period due to lack of access to these products. For every month you purchase Cora tampons and/or pads, a girl in a developing country is also provided products.

These products are also organic and free of pesticides so you can feel confident that you are using safe, nontoxic menstrual care.

2. Lisa Price is next level.

Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter, was a keynote speaker and while I had listened to her previously on How I Built This, hearing her speak live is on a different level. My favorite of her advice was to “know your numbers.” As you expand and grow, taking into account what you can and can’t manage as a brand is as important as your aspirational goals.

3. A plant based lifestyle may have a hold on me… again. 

I attended Plantiful’s live podcast recording of their interview with Jessica Murnane on a whim, and this actually ended up being my favorite session. Candidly, I’d never heard of Live Plantiful’s podcast or Jessica Murnane, but the conversation around plant-based lifestyle and Jessica’s personal story moved me and was one of the more thought provoking conversations that I had a chance to be a part of over the weekend. 

Photo of Indie Lee, far right, with Kathryn Dickinson of AILLEA Beauty and Munemi Imai, of MUN skincare, courtesy of missophoto.com.

4. Indie Lee continues to be one of my favorite people to hear in person. 

It’s simple and straight to the point, but each time I hear Indie Lee speak, I continue to be amazed by her grace and how approachable she is. She spoke about her experience scaling the natural skincare brand Indie Lee and sticking to her values: “Sometimes saying no can be a tough choice, but I’m willing to say no if it means I’m keeping my values and the values of the brand.”

5. “Make sure whatever you do, whatever you put your hands on, you do that shit well.” 

These are the words of Beatrice Feliu-Espada, founder of the Honey Pot Company, from a panel discussion on how to scale a business. Beatrice is phenomenal, and I could have listened to her for hours to her insight on taking the Honey Pot from start-up to partnership with major, national retailers.

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