5 Things to Pack In Your Labor Day Weekend Bag

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With a three-day weekend just around the corner, we know we’re prepping for Labor Day fun. Whether you’re sticking close to home or you’re taking advantage of the last dog days of summer with a getaway, these are our five picks for what to pack in your Labor Day weekend bag.

1. A Super Versatile Dress from Zanni

Flex It Dress, courtesy of Zanni.

Made from technical fabrics that are truly feather-light, these minimalist dresses from LA-based Zanni are travel must-haves. A few classic-with-a-trendy-twist styles give you lots of options for which silhouette is best for you, while being wrinkle-resistant and incredibly breathable. We’re packing the Flex It Dress and the All Day Dress in our bags for dressing up or down, throwing on over a swimsuit or pairing with heels for a dinner out.

2. Nontoxic Travel Soap from Kosmatology

Spearmint-Rosemary Foaming Hand Soap, Courtesy of Kosmatology.

Just one wash with antibacterial soap at the airport or in a hotel leaves our hands totally parched. And with the truth about triclosan now going mainstream, we know it’s best for our bodies and the planet to avoid it. Enter Kosmatolgy’s travel-sized foaming hand soaps. They’re TSA-friendly, and make washing hands easy on the go. We love the spearmint-rosemary scent for a fresh and invigorating boost, no matter where you wash.

3. A Protein-Packed Snack from Eat Enlightened

Roasted Bean Crisps, courtesy of Eat Enlightened.

What’s worse than being on the beach, in the car or on an airplane without access to a quick and filling, healthy food option? Not much when you’re on vacation. Thanks to the newest release from Eat Enlightened, you can make sure to have an easy snack choice that will also keep you satiated until you can snag that next meal. Broad, or “fava,” beans are super crunchy, and full of protein and fiber—and these come in seven flavors, so whether you’re craving salty or sweet, they’ve got you covered.

4. Mineral Sun Block from Erin’s Faces

Peptide SPF, courtesy of Erin’s Faces.

With Hawaii leading the charge to ban sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, we know that synthetic sun blockers are harmful to coral reefs and our oceans, as well as our bodies. So choose a mineral sun blocker instead. Sunscreens with zinc or titanium dioxide put a physical layer between your skin and UVA/UVB rays, so you’re more protected. We love Erin’s Faces Peptide SPF 30 because not only is it broad-spectrum protection, but it’s also lightweight, not at all greasy and contains hydrating, soothing aloe and cucumber to decrease skin’s inflammation and redness.

5. An All-Purpose Balm from she plants love

the butter, courtesy of she plants love.

Traveling necessitates multi-purpose products—anything that does double or triple-duty can find a place in our weekend bag. the butter from she plants love is a nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory balm that hydrates restores skin, whether it’s angry from the dry air on a plane or scorched from a too-long lounge in the sun. Bonus: It can be used to tame flyaways, as a spot treatment to soothe bug bites or razor burn, or as an after-sun treatment.

Need more travel tips? Here’s five ways to stay WELL while traveling, and 10 more must-haves to throw in your travel bag.

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Nicolle Mackinnon

Nicolle Mackinnon

Stemming from her personal journey to treat her celiac disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Nicolle serves as a writer and editor for several leading publications helping women understand how important, stylish and fun it is to commit to clean beauty. By way of her contributions to No More Dirty Looks, Thoughtfully Magazine and numerous beauty brands' blogs, websites and social media, Nicolle has become a trusted voice on the correlation between health and beauty. Follow her journey on Instagram and connect with her via nicollemackinnon.com.



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