Photo courtesy of Brittaney Elise.
Photo courtesy of Brittaney Elise.

5 Tips for Designing a Home Office That Will Inspire Your Best Work

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Have you recently launched a successful side hustle or opened your business HQ in a home office? Designing a new workspace under your own roof will likely fill your mind with wonder: What will you need? What’s the best way to arrange office furniture and supplies? Where can you squeeze in a shipping station? Brittaney Elise, interior designer and creative director, gave us five words that can serve as a guide, helping you set yourself and your new space up for success.

Photo courtesy of Brittaney Elise.


Before anything else, plan to invest time into your home office; according to Brittaney, this will go a long way in helping you work without stress while saving you time and frustration. “Know what you’ll use regularly in your office, whether it’s file folders and your favorite pen, or if you run through memory cards like it’s nobody’s business and require the important stuff to be printed on paper and pinned onto the wall,” she advises. “Organize a space for everything! Measure the depths and widths of your available shelving space (or put up some shelves if you don’t have them already)—and spend a little time online to find the sorts of organizational bins, jars and the like that appeal to you.”

Do you regularly mail stuff from your home office? Brittaney suggests setting up a dedicated shipping area. “Once you’ve got all of the mailing supplies together in one location, thank you cards and gift ribbon in another, and your office supplies where you’ll reach for them, you’ll feel so much lighter in your workspace.”


“Pick a theme, any theme!” Brittaney suggests. “To make it personal, go for something that reflects you and your work. If acrylic and millennial pink aren’t quite your cup of tea, don’t worry—there’s so much available these days, whether your vibe is vintage femme or farmhouse chic.”

To add in-theme personal touches, Brittaney says to look for functional supplies for your home office that’ll help make your workspace feel like you. “From waste bins to your pen cup holders, scissors, stapler, business card holder, bulletin board, wall calendar, filing displays to the big stuff—from lighting fixtures to the main attraction: your desk—make it feel like you,” she says. “Ditch your standard chair on wheels; a beautiful, comfortable chair that you look forward to sitting in all day will be much more appealing.”

Photo courtesy of Brittaney Elise.


Feeling inspired will definitely help you stay motivated and be productive in your home office, especially on tough days where you’re simply not in the mood to hunker down and get to work. To add inspirational touches to your personalized workspace, Brittaney advises her clients to incorporate small, feel-good elements. “This might be a framed moment with a loved one or the one quote that gets you moving every morning, made into a wooden or neon sign,” she offers. “Good, natural light and fresh flowers tend to motivate me; get to the heart of what inspires you. Once you know this, make sure to have a reminder of it in your office that you can acknowledge daily.”


“Clean matters,” Brittaney confirms. “To make sure your home office stays a place where you look forward to spending time and know you’ll get stuff done, clean up at the end of each day; clear out your office fridge (if you have one) at the end of each week. If you make your office or workspace is clean and organized, I guarantee you’ll look forward to producing some great work while you’re in it.”

Photo courtesy of Brittaney Elise.


To top it all off, be intentional about making sure your new home office has positive vibes that help power up your creativity and problem solving abilities. Need some tips that’ll help you make your workspace feel good? Brittaney says to consider the noise level—and if it works for you, incorporate some feel-good background sounds. “Can you tune into a Pandora station that subtly fills the room with music that makes you feel good?” she asks. “I like to start my mornings at my desk with a good audiobook, reinforcing the motivation to do and be my very best.”

Even more, Brittaney uses a timer on her phone to ensure her tasks gets done, and uses a to list and journal to track her progress in an ultra-positive way. “Setting timers on your phone can also help with productivity; give yourself a set amount of time to complete something and switch gears when the timer goes off. I feel really good when I hit my marks throughout the day on my to-do list; it may sound a bit ancient but I promise, it’s not! Bullet-journaling is perhaps a more modern or trendy version, but the bottom line is when you have a journal/planner to list out your daily to-dos for each week, nothing feels better than crossing them off the list. You’ll see that you’re closer to completing your tasks and achieving your goals.”

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