5 Tips That’ll Help You Make 2018 Your Healthiest Year Yet

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Eager to start the new year in a healthy way? Focusing on wellness is a great way to ensure you feel like the happiest and most productive version of yourself. We caught up with Annie Lawless, the super successful entrepreneur behind Suja Juice, Lawless Beauty and Blawnde.com, to score some suggestions that’ll make it easy to bounce back from post-holiday craziness. Read on for her tried and true tips to make 2018 your healthiest year yet.

Embrace the ebbs and flows of life.

“I’m so fortunate to be able to say I truly love what I do with Lawless Beauty and Blawnde.com,” Annie admits. “I work hard to make sure the products and content I share are things I can be proud of. But with that level of grind I put into my companies, I also make sure I don’t lose the passion that is the foundation of everything I started.” She tells us that with  New Year’s resolutions, it’s easy to only zone in on the end result—but equally important to step back and remind yourself to live. “Sometimes I need to remind myself that a break and a refreshed point of view helps achieving my goal become easier,” she shares.

Use healthy morning rituals to start each day the right way.

A little extra intention in the morning can help you start your day in a healthy way and bounce back from anything that disrupted your wellness routine or schedule during the holiday season. “I set the tone of my entire day by practicing my daily morning rituals,” Annie says. “Having morning rituals or little practices helps keep me grounded and relaxed before I step out of the house for a busy workday. Everyone has different morning routines, but try incorporating some of new tips to enjoy some healthy time for yourself early in the day.”

Change up your meal plans.

“It seems like New Year’s resolutions become pretty synonymous with promises to treat your body better after those holiday indulgences,” Annie observes. She tells us that she keeps up with healthy eating by changing up what she eats before she gets bored or has a chance to get stuck with unhealthy new habits. “Some nights I like to go vegan just to keep my palate on its toes,” she tells us. Quit beating yourself up for holiday indulgences and keep it fun—you’ll find your resolutions are easier to keep when your food is flavorful and tasty, all year long!

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Make social media what you want it to be.

Annie believes that social media can be a positive experience that’ll help you bounce back—so long as you dedicate yourself to making it one. “Most of us are active users (and abusers) of social media,” she says. “I’m guilty of scrolling through my feed and ignoring what’s happening around me. Even though social media can definitely be a positive platform for inspiration and community, it’s always important to remember to unplug. More often than you think, you’re missing out on memories and moments by staying glued to your phone or laptop.” To use social media as something that can help you get back on a healthy track, search for healthy dishes, users who are fitness inspirations and posts that are centered on self-love. You’ll be ready to ditch bad diets, unhealthy detoxes and poor patterns in no time.

Learn how to cope with daily stresses and anxieties.

“It’s likely that all of 2018 won’t be just rainbows and sunshine and that there will be hardships to deal with,” Annie reminds. “I have a perfectionist personality that makes me prone to feeling restless or never satisfied, so I’ve learned to use meditation books to calm down my racing thoughts.” She tells us that this has helped her become a more calm and positive person, which makes it easy to stick with her wellness routine. “The reactions you have to the stresses of your life, are what will make you be stronger in 2018,” she promises.

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