5 Tips to Perfect the Art of the Healthy Hustle
L to R: Ally Love, Dr. Robin Berzin, Liz Plosser, Candice Huffine and Sarah Larson at WELL Summit 2018 in Brooklyn. Photo courtesy of Olga Brycht / MissO Photography.

5 Tips to Perfect the Art of the Healthy Hustle

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Want to be energized in your work? Surround yourself with like-minded helpers and healers. At WELL Summit in Brooklyn on Oct. 6, 2018, Liz Plosser, editor-in-chief of Women’s Health magazine, led us right to the heart of wellness when she said, “We can’t be amazing without taking care of ourselves.” While you might know this cognitively, it’s not always intuitive to put your oxygen mask on first.

“If you came to the Summit,” Liz said, “you are passionate about how to motivate others. But how do you get to the top without burning out?” She suggested it’s about exploration and experimenting. With this in mind, Liz gathered four strong women she sees building brands while staying sane to share their best tips on perfecting the art of the healthy hustle. Here are our favorite five.

5 Tips to Perfect the Art of the Healthy Hustle

L to R: Liz Plosser, Ally Love, Sarah Larson, Dr. Robin Berzin and Candice Huffine at WELL Summit 2018 in Brooklyn. Photo courtesy of Olga Brycht / MissO Photography.

1. Have a Baseline

Dr. Robin Berzin is one of Women’s Health 2018 Game Changers and founder of Parsley Health. Post med school, Robin found herself handing out multiple prescriptions to patients without time to truly help them, and she admitted it began to feel criminal. One day during yoga, her ah-ha moment came: “All the prescriptions were related to how patients were living, eating and moving. If they changed these three things, they wouldn’t need any of what’s on this paper!”

That idea kickstarted Parsley Health, which launched in Manhattan in 2015. The clinic, which now boasts three locales across the country, offers a functional, whole-body approach to medicine and health, built on relationships between doctors and health coaches, and their patients.

5 Tips to Perfect the Art of the Healthy Hustle

Dr. Robin Berzin of Parsley Health. Photo courtesy of Olga Brycht / MissO Photography.


Robin confessed that it’s hard to make wellness happen in her own life, but having a baseline, or a list of the things that don’t get sacrificed, is essential. Her baseline list, she shared, includes:

  1. Eating good food. Robin believes that food is medicine. While 70 percent of disease is lifestyle preventable, Robin noted that we’ve been taught to “eat junk to manage our stress.” While it takes work to find healthy things to eat, she said, it’s not an option to make it happen.
  2. Limiting alcohol. Understanding that alcohol causes poor sleep, dehydration and metabolic changes, Robin said she limits her intake to three drinks or less a week.
  3. Drinking plenty of water. An intense job with lots of traveling is hard on your health. Robin suggest drinking four to five bottles of water whenever you get on a plane.
  4. Choosing and resetting. When Robin had her first child, she and her husband decided to choose the mantra, “open life, insert baby.” In practice, that looks like bringing her child and her caregiver along, and renting a house if Robin is traveling for longer than a week.
5 Tips to Perfect the Art of the Healthy Hustle

Sarah Larson, founder of Y7 Yoga Studios. Photo courtesy of Olga Brycht / MissO Photography.

2. Embrace Your Differences and Practice

Sarah Larson is the co-creator of the massively successful Y7 Studio, which has gone from a pop-up to a 10-studio business in just five years. Her way to make wellness happen in light of this quick expansion? Practice, of course. Sarah believes everyone is different. It takes practice to find what works for you when it comes to wellness, your work style and your yoga.

In Sarah’s personal life, she has just one ritual she does every day: coffee. Beyond that, she said doesn’t prefer a daily set schedule or a repetitive routine. Instead, Sarah said, “I’m at my best when I’m easy on myself, and there is no pressure.” Her energy comes from being in the moment and working in a collaborative office with others on her team. 

When it comes to Y7 Studios, they do things differently too, with dark but candlelit studios, infra-red heat warming and classes heavily influenced by music that could include anything from hip-hop to soul tunes.

5 Tips to Perfect the Art of the Healthy Hustle

Ally Love, founder of Love Squad. Photo courtesy of Olga Brycht / MissO Photography.

3. Tap Into Your Modern Day Superhero Power

Ally Love is a model, TV host for the Brooklyn Nets, Peloton instructor, dancer, brand ambassador and founder of Love Squad, an online community exploring fitness, sports, beauty, style and fuel. To make wellness happen as she wears her many different hats, she suggested tapping into your superhero powers with these tips:

  1. What does structure mean for you? Ally says when her apartment is organized she feels able.
  2. How can you be consistent in your work? Ask yourself this question and make a plan.
  3. Make the decision to follow through. Let “I am going to finish this” become your mantra.
  4. Ask yourself, how can you be a modern day superhero power for those who come behind you?
5 Tips to Perfect the Art of the Healthy Hustle

Candice Huffine, model and founder of Day Won. Photo courtesy of Olga Brycht / MissO Photography.

4. Believe in Yourself

While the concept of hustling can often mean suffering from the daily grind and burnout, Candice Huffine, model and founder of Day Won, reminded us that “running yourself into the ground is not a symbol of success.” Candice’s self-discovery came when on a whim she signed up to run a half marathon. While initially, she lived a go-go-go, eat quick, little sleep, no-care life, running and training for a half marathon, she said, changed her 100 percent—both personally and professionally.

Candice’s hustle essentially began from a desire to provide something she needed: athletic apparel and belief in herself. Day Won is a size inclusive brand that creates a welcoming space for all women to believe they are capable and perfect just as they are. To run a race or build a business, Candice has had to flip the “I can’t” script to “You got this, Candice. You wanted this. This is it.”

5. Examine Your False Beliefs

Perhaps most important in building a brand poised to change the world is pausing long enough in the hustle to see if we’re holding on to a what Robin calls a “fixed false belief.” Is there a negative story you’re repeating to yourself on the daily? Are you telling yourself that building a business will always be a struggle, or that if you step into your femininity, you’ll look weak? If you can identify the false narratives you’re telling yourself, you can step into the truth, and move forward with your healthy hustle.

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