5 Warming Soups We're Making for Winter

5 Warming Soups You Should Make This Winter

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While January doesn’t require a down parka or threaten frostbite for everyone, chances are you’ve felt a chill from the winter weather and fluctuations in temperatures. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is kidney season, and our kidneys don’t like to be cold! Our bodies are most likely begging us for warming foods this time of year.

So, we’ve rounded up some healthy broths and pots of soup for you to add to your repertoire. The best part? Once you fall into a soup rhythm, changing them to fit your needs and what’s in your fridge will come easier. Keep reading for the five warming soups we’re making this winter and a few simple ways you can make them yours.

Stock or Bone Broth

But what’s the difference? Chef Marco Canora, owner of Hearth and Brodo in NYC and author of Brodo: A Bone Broth Cookbook, says, “The truth is that there isn’t really a significant difference between stocks and broths, or Bone Broths and ‘regular’ broths, but there is a huge difference in quality when you know how to make the best Bone Broth.”

A quick search of bone broth will pull up numerous options for stovetop, crockpot and even Instant Pot variations for you to try as well as Canora and his team’s Tips, Tools + Techniques for Making Bone Broth at Home. For a delicious base that takes less time but still gives flavor beyond any commercial product you can find, Ina Garten’s Homemade Chicken Stock is a great place to start and use in the recipes to follow.

No need to compromise your ethics to get in on the benefits of broths though. Organic Authority has a great vegan “bone broth” recipe that is plant-based with collagen-enhancing nutrients derived only from plants.

5 Warming Soups You Should Make This Winter

Chicken Vegetable Soup

Take some of your stock reserves and try my Best Chicken Vegetable Soup. It’s already gluten-free without the noodles, and many other swaps can work with a broth-based soup. Swap beans in for meat, add a grain or make it all plants if you like. Whatever you do, keep the rutabaga. This often forgotten vegetable soaks up the rich broth flavor while it cooks and slightly sweetens your savory soup.


Moroccan Cauliflower Soup

This colorful bowl from A Couple Cooks is your transition from last months’ squash to a brighter version with roasted cauliflower and vibrant Moroccan spices to warm you up. Are you batch cooking for the new year? Double the cauliflower you roast for this soup and puree only half, keeping the rest for another meal.


Spicy Peanut Soup with Sweet Potato + Kale

When Pinch of Yum says this soup checks all of the boxes—creamy, nutritious, straight-forward and flavor-packed—we’re convinced. This recipe again proves that soups are for you to adjust and make your own. Add meat or another favorite veggie if you want, or keep it vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free as it already is.


Desperation Minestrone

Do you and your kitchen need a January cure? Here’s Phoebe Lapine’s bowl of simmering broth and tomato soup for those desperately hoping to skip a trip outdoors to the store and everyone who wants to use the surplus in their fridge and pantry. Do you still have a Thanksgiving squash hanging around and a produce drawer with greens about to get tossed? This recipe is coming to your rescue. 

5 Warming Soups You Should Make This Winter

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