5 Ways to Sleep Better (And More Effectively) Tonight

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By now, it’s barely news that getting enough sleep is key to stress reduction, brain and body function, skin health and problem-solving capabilities. But what if you’re already logging your requisite seven to nine hours—can your sleep get any better than that? Yes, we say. You can use those restful hours to help your body repair and rejuvenate for the next day. It’s as simple as choosing what you surround yourself with when you doze off. Here are five ways you can utilize your sleep for even better quality days.

Protect Skin With Natural Pillowcases

If you suffer from breakouts, acne or skin sensitivity, sleeping on a clean pillowcase can improve your skin’s health. This Clean Skin Kit from Madison & White includes four pillowcases, with each side embroidered with the days of the week. You simply flip-flop your way through the week (one side of one pillowcase on Monday, the other on Tuesday—then change your pillowcase!) to sleep your way to clearer and healthier skin. Made from botanical-based Tencel fabric, they’re also 100 percent natural.

Boost Body with a Gentle, Herbal Sleep Aid

Harnessing the power of medicinal roots, power seeds and beneficial mushrooms, which are both adaptogens and antioxidants, IN:TOTAL WELLNESS’ blend of herbs in its Herbal Sleep Aid was carefully crafted with a nod to each herb’s millennia of usage, many of them with clinically proven benefits. We’ve tried it, and we think it’s a huge win if you’re struggling to doze off to sleep regularly, and feel like your body can’t take advantage of those deep-sleep hours.

Embrace Slow Bedtime Fashion

If you’re like us, you might just throw on whatever when it comes to hitting the hay each night (yoga pants and an oversized tee, anyone?). But having a bedtime routine that includes changing into sleep-specific clothing can impact your body’s ability to recognize that it’s time to wind down. On top of that, choosing ethically made, beautifully crafted pajamas that use eco-friendly dyes and strive to reduce the impact of fast fashion can make you feel extra cozy and comfy when you’re climbing under the covers. Plum Pretty Sugar does just that with its high-quality sleep sets, robes and more.

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Firm and Condition Skin Overnight

You can go after beautiful skin, even while you slumber, with Graydon’s Fullmoon Serum. Collagen-rich African mahogany gives skin a firm and refined appearance, amino acid-enriched oligopeptides lend a look of vitality and health, and plant-based retinol from moth bean seeds visibly improves lines and wrinkles. Moringa provides a protective sensation against environmental stressors and makes skin look bright and even-toned. Blue tansy is added to instill a calming feel to skin and diminish the appearance of redness, making it suitable for all skin types.

Prevent Flyaways + Frizz

Scrunchies are back in their full-fledged glory, and these soft beauties from Madison & White are our new key to softer, more manageable strands, overnight. They can help to reduce hair damage as they pull hair gently away from the face, and prevent friction from tossing and turning at night. Plus, we love them for a quick topknot on days when we’ve hit snooze one too many times.

Interested in more sleep tips? Try these yoga poses for a better night’s sleep, andthese foods a celebrity nutritionist recommends to help you drift off faster.

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