Photo courtesy of @iamhealthyfit.
Photo courtesy of @iamhealthyfit.

5 Wellness Platforms by Women of Color You Need to be Following Right Now

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As women of color continue to seek ways to navigate a wellness industry criticized for its lack of diversity, more underrepresented voices are emerging to ensure adequate representation. Read on for five of our current favorite platforms founded by women of color.

1. The Health Conscious Podcast

Nory Pouncil, MPA, Founder and Host

In “The Health Conscious Podcast,” Nory and her guests share ways women of the African diaspora can live healthier lives while honoring their traditions. Joined by “everyday badass women,” Nory delves into a variety of wellness topics including nutrition, mental health, spiritual health and emotional health. These thought-provoking conversations aren’t your typical interviews. They serve as tools to educate, inspire and empower women of color to unleash their most authentic self. Listen to The Health Conscious Podcast on Spotify, iTunes or Google Play.

2. The Green Laundress, Blog + Household Cleaning Products

Erica Ahmed, MPH, MS, CHES, Founder

Erica Ahmed started developing natural household cleaning products shortly after the birth of her daughter. After her daughter’s many bouts with dry, itchy skin, and finding little to no success with commercial products, Erica created The Green Laundress. From tub scrub, to dorm room cleaning kits, to multipurpose spray, Erica creates people-friendly and eco-friendly products that will help the entire family clean greener. Purchase products from The Green Laundress at TheGreenLaundress.com or on Amazon.com.

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Did you know Fertility is not just about having babies? Stated by @holly.griggspall Author of Unsweetening the Pill. For two years I have used the Fertility Awareness Method to successfully prevent pregnancy without hormones so I absolutely agree with that and how it’s connected to our health and wellness. Tune into my live instastory tomorrow at 6pm PST/9pm EST I'll be telling you more about it! . . . #wombhealth #weekendbegins #fullmoonritual #fertilitysupport #birthcontroldoula #birthcontrolsupport #famawareness #wellbeingblogger #fertilityawarenessmethod #futureeducator #shiftyourmindset #literaturelove #wellnesslifestyle #nonhormonal #hormonedisruptors #hormonefree #uteruspower #reproductiverights #reproductivefreedom #instaeducation #translators #saturdaypic #sundaybreak

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3. Cultura Con Wellness

Cindy Luquin, Founder

Cindy Luquin is a reproductive social justice and health literacy advocate in the Latina community. After undergoing surgery to remove a grapefruit-sized cyst, and six years of taking hormonal contraception, Cindy realized the negative impacts these experiences had on her reproductive health. In her pursuit to find alternative methods to prevent pregnancy, Cindy discovered the fertility awareness method. She then created Cultura Con Wellness to assist women with fertility awareness method research, reproductive justice, and wellness.

Cindy is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies at California State University of Los Angeles. Her research is focused on fertility awareness methods among Latina and Black women. In addition to her more than 10 years of professional experience in educational interpretation and healthcare interpreting training, her long-term goal is to become a fertility awareness method educator to teach women and high school students about health literacy.

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Back in June 2017 when we first started EFB. We had been talking about launching it for at least a year prior and finally made it happen. Our original intention was for it just to be a virtual food diary where we document our journey towards eating more raw vegan, but it’s definitely evolved into something far beyond that. It’s a small but growing lifestyle community that wants to amplify all the beauty within and around us. The universe has connected us with so many magical and likeminded individuals that also want to grow within their relationship to food and overall healing. Raw vegan is the goal, but it mostly serves as a tool to fuel our day to day and share more information about “life force”, sustainable living, overcoming pain/trauma/disease, self love and tending to all levels of the self. This year has brought one opportunity after another and people have continued to reach out to us to collaborate, exchange info or just spread love. (Currently working on two very exciting event collaborations that’ll be happening in the next few months!) The individual growth is infinite, and the business growth is blossoming each day. We have some very cool things in store and can’t wait to share. To anyone who reads this, thank you for the love and connection. 💚🙏🏽🌿🌍✨👩🏽‍🌾 #eatforbeauty #eatforbeautydc #tbt #rawvegan #internationalwomensmonth #growth #healing #dcwomen #abundance #morelove #moregratitude #moremoney #moreblessings #thankyou

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4. Eat for Beauty DC

Kaylah Miranda + Melan Shannon, Founders

Eat for Beauty D.C.” is an online platform where Kaylah and Melan document their journey towards raw veganism. As women of color, environmentally conscious feminists, Washington, D.C. locals and vegans striving to eat as 100 percent raw, organic and plant based as possible, Kaylah and Melan believe it’s important to challenge societal norms about how beauty is achieved. The name “Eat for Beauty” stems from the idea that the way we live and eat can make us feel and look even more beautiful. Follow Eat for Beauty DC on Instagram and Facebook.

5. Fertile Alchemy

Bri Braggs, Founder

After being terminated from a position in the fashion merchandising industry, Bri Braggs began a path toward holistic wellness. She started her career path as Holistic Health Coach in 2014 and later started Fertile Alchemy. Bri makes custom essential oil blends for her clients, including the “Fertile Alchemy Aromatic Oil,” which has quickly become a cult favorite. As her business grew, more and more of her clients wanted to know the same thing—how to control their hormones, prepare the body for pregnancy and/or learn how to live a more fertile life in general. Bri eventually became a Reiki Practitioner so that she could provide the energetic healing her clients needed. To learn more about Bri’ services, visit fertilealchemy.com or follow Fertile Alchemy on Instagram.

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Chelsea is a nationally recognized plant-based lifestyle media correspondent and blogger based in Washington, DC. For most of her life, she has struggled with Graves Disease, and more recently hypothyroidism. Since transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle in 2012, she has been able to successfully manage her condition. Chelsea started ThatsChelsea.com in an effort to help teach others how they can live a healthier lifestyle, as well as become more knowledgeable, health-conscious consumers.

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