5 Wellness Products Barre Instructor Jessica Diaz Can’t Live Without

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What does a Barre fanatic and personal trainer consider her must-have wellness products? Ask Jessica Diaz, certified personal trainer, Barre instructor, mother of two and spokesperson for the American Stroke Association. Jessica personally fell in love with Barre in 2002 while living in San Francisco and became an instructor in 2012 to share the positive transformations and life-changing workout she personally discovered through the new Barre approach to fitness and health.

She received her accreditation as an NCCA-certified personal trainer in 2015 to bring in a new level of functional movement into her classes that includes traditional principles of the Lotte Berk method, blended with personal modifications and unique choreography to keep classes fun, safe and effective. Jessica currently teaches at Equinox in Boston, Asana Charlestown and she also works one-on-one with private clients to create individualized programs based on their fitness goals.

5 Wellness Products Jessica Diaz Can’t Live Without

  1. Combat Ready Balm by Skincando: This is probably the most-used product in my household and we call it by its nickname, “magic potion.” This toxin-free balm soothes skin holistically and is my go-to for every bump, scratch, burn, cut, ache for myself and my kids. My kids are always asking for it and they just love it because it says right on the back that it’s good for “beach burn, forest scratches, dry skin, grass itchies and princess pin pricks.” They read the back every time they use it and, most importantly, it really works. It is like the natural Neosporin.
  2. Organic Grape and Chamomile Cleansing Water by Caudalie: I have dry skin and am always trying to find products that help my skin stay hydrated and to help prevent early aging. I love this cleansing water because it’s moisturizing and refreshing, soap free and doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped of moisture. It also works as a gentle toner and removes make up.
  3. 100% raw organic ginger lemonade with turmeric from Revolution Juice in Boston: I keep this juice stocked in my fridge at all times and it has replaced my daily afternoon coffee entirely. I love this juice because it is so refreshing and makes my whole body feel lighter and hydrated. The vitamin C alkalizes the body and also has antioxidants which help cleanse the digestive system. The ginger helps to regulate blood sugar and speeds up the metabolism. The turmeric and pepper are a great combination for fighting inflammation. I also find that the snack cravings I get in the afternoon usually go away after drinking the juice because often it is being dehydrated that I confuse with being hungry.
  4. RMS Eye Polish in the color Myth: Cream eye shadow is my number one favorite makeup product. As a fitness teacher that teaches 6 a.m. barre classes, I don’t want to look “made-up” when I teach, but I also don’t want to look like I rolled out of bed. Cream eye shadow is my go-to pre-teaching product because it only takes seconds to apply and instantly brightens up the eyes. I use the RMS cream shadow because the product is nontoxic and made from raw, living ingredients.
  5. Astier De Villatte in scent Villa Medicis: The smell is so unique and wonderful, strong but relaxing at the same time. It is the scent of walking in to a lovely Paris boutique or French home. I don’t use them every day because they are a bit pricey so I save them for the days I really need a quick boost in how I am feeling.

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