5 Wellness Products Cynthia Besteman of Violets Are Blue Can’t Live Without

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Cynthia Besteman is the owner of the award-winning healthy skincare brand Violets Are Blue. Originally from Seattle, she currently lives in NYC with her husband and rescue cat Lola. As a breast cancer survivor, Cynthia is active in the breast cancer community and her skincare line packages to women on their first day of treatment at Mount Sinai in NYC. The beauty guru is also a veteran of Broadway, having been an actress for more than 20 years. So what does this talented and thoughtful entrepreneur use daily? Read on to find out what she can’t live without!

  1. My fascia blaster: I actually use it to help get rid of the knots in my shoulders and neck which usually cause me migraine headaches. I use it daily and it has really helped ease the tension.
  2. Dexsil Pharma Organic Silicon: This is drinkable food supplement with nettle and I really notice a difference in my skin, hair and nails. I drink 15ml a day.
  3. Violets Are Blue non aluminum deodorant: I use it everyday and I tell women daily that if they want to do one thing to help avoid breast cancer, make sure you are using a non aluminum deodorant. Studies are also showing aluminum may play a role in alzheimer’s disease as well.
  4. My dry brush: I dry brush every morning before the shower. It’s a great way to wake up your body and get your lymph system going.
  5. Violets Are Blue award-winning body scrub: It literally turns my shower into a spa experience! We use larger salt crystals (from the dead sea) and a mix of butter and oils to create a really rich mixture. The organic essential oils of grapefruit, rosemary and eucalyptus not only feel great on the body, but inhaling the combined scent is so invigorating!

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