5 Wellness Products Gwendolyn Gardner of Simply Chickie Can’t Live Without

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The president of Simply Chickie, Gwendolyn Gardner, is a hoot. We love her sense of humor and her energy and the way she runs her business. She calls herself a maker of hilarious, safe, organic, made in the USA, baby and toddler t-shirts, and we love it all. So we asked her, what wellness products are your must-haves? Here are her top picks:

  1. Violets Are Blue Facial Serum: It’s non-toxic and melts into my skin very quickly and has a graceful glow.
  2. Ecco Bella Mascara: It’s simple, makes lashes full, comes off easily, comes in small packaging, and is really everything you want in mascara.
  3. Organic Bath Co. Spiced Cacao Sugar Scrub: The smell is luxurious, it feels good to rub on in the shower, but doesn’t leave my skin greasy.
  4. Organic lemons: They’re good for everything and cure most everything—from hot water and lemon, to astringent in a mask, to a helpful cleaner, and an extra zing with vodka.
  5. Nauti-girl Bamboo Beach Dress: It’s funny, super soft, and versatile—over jeans in the winter, great pajamas, and simple dress to run to the beach.

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