5 Wellness Products Heather Stevenson of Thirst Juice Co. Can’t Live Without

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Heather Stevenson founded Thirst Juice Co. in 2014 with her husband and, as CEO, she has grown Thirst around the idea that delicious, healthy foods are the best fuel for life’s adventures. She believes that a balanced diet that includes loads of fresh fruits and vegetables—whole and in juices and smoothies —improves mental acuity, athletic performance, mood and wellbeing.

Thirst seeks to make delicious plant-based food and drink accessible and appealing to everyone—vegans and omnivores, athletes and weekend warriors alike. Heather is a life-long student and devotee of plant-based food and nutrition, a proponent of eating more plants and an endurance athlete. So what does this wellness professional use on a day to day basis? Read on for the details!

  1. Organic spirulina: Spirulina tastes like what it is—an algae. But it’s highly alkalizing, detoxifying, and packed with nutrients. I find that by consistently incorporating spirulina in my daily smoothies (the perfect way to hide its flavor), I feel better physically, get sick less often and am mentally sharper.
  2. Organic Bath Co. Stress Less Organic Body Butter: Working with food, I wash my hands constantly, leaving them dry, cracked and uncomfortable. Body Butter doesn’t contain any of the nasty chemicals that are in a lot of conventional moisturizers, and it works better too.
  3. Blenders! Blendtec at Thirst and Vitamix at home: These powerful tools play some role in at least half of the food I eat each day. From smoothies, to homemade cashew butter, to soups and desserts, high powered blenders can transform food to make it more interesting.
  4. Peruvian Pick Me Up Smoothie: This is my favorite smoothie on the Thirst menu because it contains maca (a natural energy booster), oats (to keep me full) and just the right amount of natural sweetness (from mango, banana, and dates). Plus it still tastes great when I add lots of greens and spirulina.
  5. Foam Roller: Because I can’t afford a daily deep tissue massage…

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