5 Wellness Products Yogi Emily Griffin Can’t Live Without

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For Emily Griffin, living well is all about flow. Though she had been athletic her entire life, it wasn’t until she discovered yoga that she felt a positive shift in her entire body. Ayurveda helped Emily learn which food worked especially for her. These days, through her yoga classes and as an Ayurvedic practitioner, Emily helps clients throughout New England strike the balance between living well, but not becoming obsessed by the latest wellness trends.

There is a give and take—a flow—to living healthy, and she’s a firm believer that, when paired with a mindful approach to food and movement, laughing with friends and the occasional indulgence go a long way to living well. So what products does she rely on to live well? Read on to find out!

  1. Turmeric: Ask any of my friends and they’ll yell ‘turmeric’ as one of my favorite things! I buy in bulk from a reputable spice store or banyan botanicals. The spice can be used for so much as it reduces inflammation, aids digestion and keeps the skin clear and pretty.
  2. Heritage Store’s Rose Water Spray: I use this as a toner after a shower/before makeup and also just as a refreshing spritz after a hot yoga class. I keep it everywhere—in my bathroom, yoga bag and travel case!
  3. Dr. Bronner’s Soap (Lavender): This is a great all-natural soap to use in the shower after I get home from a super sweaty class; it never fails to leave me feeling fresh and clean. Bonus points: It can be used for a million other things in the house!
  4. Do Terra ‘Onguard’ Essential Oil: This one is such a great cold buster. T love diffusing this one (smells good and keeps the stagnant winter apartment air clean). It’s super easy to also take via capsule when I feel sniffles coming on.
  5. Tulsi Rose Tea: Tulsi is a natural adaptogenic herb that keeps your energy balanced during the day and helps you tone it down at night (caffeine free). The rose flavor has a sweet but not-too-sweet taste I adore!

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