How 5 Wellness Pros Make Healthy Choices on a Road Trip

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Whether you’re getting ready to attend an upcoming conference or event, visit long-distance friends or family during the coming holiday season, or have made plans to see as much foliage as you can this fall, road trips are a great way to scope out all of the noteworthy sights along the way. But, more often than not, clocking long hours in the car means missing out on key parts of your wellness routine, such as eating nutritious foods, getting enough exercise and sleep and finding time to reflect. To score some tips that’ll help us stick with healthy habits, we talked to five wellness pros who have figured out what makes them feel great while on the go. Read on for their secrets.

Stick With Your Routine As Best You Can

Tracy Memoli, Founder, Fruta Pop

Tracy created Fruta Pop, an all-natural ice pop, to help her curb cravings and stick with proper eating habits. Though keeping with a wellness routine and good habits like Tracy can be tough to do on the road, she shares that simply about doing whatever you normally do—as best you can. “If you start your day by working out, still do it,” she explains. “It’s important to keep your fitness schedule when you can. If you miss your morning jog or gym routine, try carving out 10 minutes to stretch or meditate. Not only will you feel better physically, but you’ll feel better mentally too.”

In addition to moving just as much, Tracy reminds us that you should drink the same amount of water as you do at home. “It can be challenging to drink enough water when we’re on the road, but staying hydrated helps us feel our best,” she says. To make it easier, Tracy suggests downloading the Daily Water app. “It has an alarm that reminds you to hydrate, and it also keeps track of how much water you drink on a daily basis,” she shares. Perfect!

Plan Smart Stops Along the Way

Collette Stohler, Passport to Fitness & Roamaroo

A seasoned traveler who wrote a book about how to stay fit while on the move, Collette knows a thing or two about how to make productive pitstops. “Plan to stop at places where you can exercise along the way,” she says. “For example, if you do CrossFit, plan to visit a couple of different gyms to workout on your road trip. This is also a great way to meet locals and learn about secret spots. If you’re a hiker, research great places to experience the landscape along your route.”

Not sure you’ll have time to stop? No problem. “Portable equipment can work wonders,” Collette promises. “You don’t need to pack a barbell and weights—instead, try bringing a jumprope and bands you can wrap around your knees and ankles for added resistance.” Whether it’s in your hotel, Airbnb or the space just outside of your car, completing a quick sweat session couldn’t be easier.

Eat Whole Foods, No Matter Where You Are

Lisa Moloshok, Los Angeles Soulcycle Instructor and Personal Trainer
One of LA’s most adored Soulcycle instructors and trainers, Lisa dishes the details about the food that keeps her fueled up and feeling great on long drives. “To maintain your energy, make sure you eat consistently every 2-3 hours,” she tells us. “Plan out your snacks and you’ll save a ton of time, money and calories as you go.” Lisa says that whole foods like fruit, bars and nut butters are all good go-tos between meals.

“When it comes to your overall food plan, try to coordinate your stops so you can eat something nutritious. Will you stop for dinner? How about breakfast? Which options are in your area?” Lisa swears by using online menus to guide her decisions, crediting them for helping her avoid potential pitfalls.

Tap Into the Power of Hot Water

Clare Langan, Private Chef & Culinary Producer

Clare, a private chef, swears by her S’well bottle and the magic she can make with only hot water. Does this healthy hack sound too good to be true? She promises us that it’s not.

“Stock up on packets of miso soup, wellness latte packets (like from Four Sigmatic), low-sugar instant oatmeal and even quick-cooking couscous,” she suggests. “Ask for a cup of hot water at any restaurant or drive-thru. Pack a variety of toppings: Individual packets of coconut oil, hot sauce, soy sauce, nuts, spices, dried fruit. You’ve got a warm snack to tide you over until you can get a real meal.” We’re impressed and inspired.

Stretch With Intention

Anne Steinbach, Traveller’s Archive

Anne is an active adventurer who loves surfing, hiking and strolling city streets as she explores the world. But no matter her choice of activities, she starts each day the same: With a grounding stretch session while taking in her surroundings.

“Wake up and start with a sun salutation yoga flow; imagine yourself being on the coast of Portugal. You open the door of your car, the sun is shining, you can listen to the sound of the ocean. Roll out your mat and start with a nice flow and feel the energy kicking in,” she offers. “You’re ready for the day now, so continue with either a nice tea or, like me, brew yourself some coffee. This is actually one of my favorite things to do on a road trip, drink a hot cup of coffee while standing outside to admire wherever I am.” How’s that for #goals?

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