6 Self-Care Health and Wellness Trends Worth Your Time and Energy in 2019

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A solid wellness routine counts key components like good nutrition, sleep and exercise; though basic, these elements will help keep you healthy over a long period of time. Trends that come and go, on the other hand, may or may not be worthy of a permanent place in your health regimen (though we’re totally on the CBD oil bandwagon for the long haul).

We caught up with Heidi Schauster, MS, RDN, the author of Nourish: How to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Body and Self to score some insight on how to know when a fad is something you should consider seriously. She also clued us in on the health and wellness trends she believes hold the most promise in the coming year.

First, Heidi doesn’t advocate for jumping onto every health bandwagon that rolls by. After all, not every thing will work for every body—even if your favorite Instagram fitfluencer swears by it. “An exploration, with curiosity, is very different than doing what the latest health guru tells us to do,” she explained. “After all, you know your body more than a guru or celebrity does! You should take advice with a grain of sea salt and listen to how something feels for your body to avoid discomfort, confusion or even harm.”

Heidi recalls a fan favorite from previous years as examples. “Take kale… this leafy green has nutrient density and fiber that most people know about. But, there are some people who have gastrointestinal issues and would feel physical distress [from eating it].”

As she explains, the antidote to getting stuck with a trend is to approach it mindfully—and to rely on your body’s wisdom. “Mindfulness is the practice of being present and aware of what’s around us in the moment,” Heidi says. “When we eat or exercise mindfully, we are in our bodies and not in our heads. We pay attention to how the food or movement feels in our bodies and how it connects to the experience we have fully. So when trying a trend, ask yourself: “Does this superfood feel good in my body? Does this new type of yoga resonate with my mind and spirit?’”

Keep reading for 6 self-care focused trends you’ll want to add to your New Year’s resolutions.

6 Self-Care Health and Wellness Trends Worth Your Time and Energy in 2019

1. Eating intuitively instead of dieting or restricting.

Heidi reminds us that most often, dieting doesn’t lead to a sustainable and healthy weight; that’s why the trend of ditching a fad diet is one that she endorses wholeheartedly.

“Instead of dieting, set realistic goals about the things you’d like to change about your relationship with food and body,” she offers. “Food restriction and overeating are opposite sides of the same coin; don’t deprive yourself this year. Listen to the wisdom within your body that tells you when and how to eat is best for you.” Preach!

2. Meditating the way it works for YOU.

“Yes, everyone’s doing [meditation],” Heidi admits. “But meditation is not just sitting like a pretzel on a cushion in an ashram. Nowadays, you can meditate while you’re walking, on the subway using an app, or even while washing the dishes.”

Not sure exactly what to expect? Heidi shares that meditation can help you feel grounded, making it easier to respond to obstacles, challenges and stressful moments. “If you don’t find the type of meditation that works for you, don’t worry. There are about a million ways to meditate so keep looking.”

3. Incorporating more natural, feel-good movement into your exercise routine.

Programs and classes are great ways to work out and following instruction can be a powerful motivator. Just the same, opting for natural movement is a growing trend that Heidi thinks is worth trying.

“Think outside the box—or the gym,” she offers. “Find a way to move that feels good to your body and soul. Do you like to move your body alone or with others? Outside or inside? Does vigorous or more gentle movement ground you? If you feel joy when you move your body, you’ll be more likely to do it again and again.”

4. Focusing on your health, not your weight or clothing size.  

“Body Positive movements are growing on Instagram and other social media channels,” Heidi notes. “Studies show that beating ourselves up doesn’t create change or health or personal growth.”

Embracing your bod for what it does, rather than what it looks like, is a trend that excites Heidi. “Accept and appreciate your body today. Make choices aligned with taking good care of yourself at any size and shape. Think about all the people you admire in your life. Attractiveness, vitality and health really do come from within,” she notes.

5. Learning how to feel all the feelings.

Heidi says that many people berate themselves for escaping feelings of sadness or stress with habits like overeating, drinking, shopping or social media. Sound like you? If so, consider trying another one of her favorite trends, tapping into your feelings. Therapy—and art therapy—have become increasingly popular in recent years for good reason; modern life is stressful, and people have learned that mental health is an important component of overall health that requires awareness, intention and self-care.

“We self-soothe when our deeper feelings and needs are not being expressed,” says Heidi. “If this is challenge for you, psychotherapists, nutrition therapists and life coaches can be helpful. Gone is the shame. In 2019, it’s rightfully trendy to say, ‘I’m going to see my therapist’.”

6. Being intentional about caring for your heart and your soul.

Expanding on feeling #allthefeels, Heidi says that taking care of your heart and soul is another 2019 trend she loves and has seen people prioritize. “It’s scary to ask yourself what really fills you up; what will you find it you slow down and check in with your heart?” she asks. “Once you know, you might feel stuck as to how to connect or bring the thing that makes you feel happy and full into your life.”

While it can be hard to make changes, it’s healthy to explore and know your deeper self. “We may be so conditioned to feel lousy, criticize ourselves, and live in our heads instead of our hearts,” Heidi adds. “Explore this in the new year. Are you filling your life with the things that matter most to you? If not, make appointments with yourself. Build that nourishment right into your life the way you schedule other priorities.”


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