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6 Tips for Finding a Job in the Wellness Industry

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Becky Shade is the founder of Wellness at Work, a newly launched health and wellness job site. After developing chronic joint inflammation and other health issues, Becky decided to leave her full-time job in the restaurant industry to enter the wellness world. Frustrated by her own job search which returned irrelevant results, she decided to launch her own job board featuring openings across a spectrum of wellness categories. Her greatest joy is connecting job seekers to careers that align with their passions and make them come alive, so she’s sharing her six tips to finding the job you really want.

Raise your hand if you’re ready to find work that you love in 2018! According to Business Insider, the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. If you believe, like I do, that you deserve to spend those hours pursuing something you’re passionate about, it’s time to take action. To give you a leg up in the search process, we’re offering tips for securing a job within the wellness world. (Hint, hint: When you put in the work up front, the whole process will roll along smoothly!)

1. Immerse yourself

The best way to start your job search within the wellness world is to get out there and make personal connections. Research wellness conferences, classes and events in your area and make a point to attend those that interest you most. Events like the W.E.L.L. Summit and The GOOD Fest will allow you to connect face to face with like-minded people. When you take the time to make genuine connections, you’ll become a part of the health-conscious community and build your network. According to this article on Linked In, as many as 85 percent of jobs are filled from networking in some form, so get out there!

2. Find the right fit

Do you love a high energy environment or something more peaceful? Spend time identifying what’s most important to you about everyday work life. Zero in on the details that will make you the happiest—some might thrive in a fast-paced start-up environment and others might prefer a tenured company that has a well-established culture. To get a sense of what a company is like, check company review sites like Glassdoor to see what employees are saying, or even scope the employer’s Instagram page.

3. Enlist an editor

In preparing to apply, it pays to work with an editor. No matter whether you’re applying to be a barre instructor or a brand marketer, in most cases you’ll be submitting a written resume and a cover letter. Working with a professional editor or career services counselor who can polish your application will increase your chance of making a stellar impression from the very first email.

4. Get social

Want to give prospective employers a more dynamic snapshot of who you are? Be sure to include your social media handles in your application. You can stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression by sharing your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. Ideally your social feeds will deliver a clearer picture of your interests, passions and niche skills. Be assured that even if you don’t include your handles on your application, potential employers are most likely scanning social sites to glean more information about you. Be proactive and start building a personal brand that employers will be attracted to.

5. Practice makes perfect

Brush up on your interview skills beforehand so that you’re prepared for phone or in-person interviews to come. Practice first with a friend or family member, and then take it to the next level by interviewing with someone you don’t know. Using online services like InterviewBuddy that allow you to video interview will push you out of your comfort zone and feel like the real thing. When it’s time for the employer interview, you’ll be fully confident.

6. Envision success

As Jen Sincero, author of You Are a Badass, says, “the Universe responds to details.” Take the time to write out all of the elements of your ideal career and workday, and get super specific. Mentally picture yourself receiving the offer, working at your dream job and the paycheck that you’ll receive. Believe with every particle of your being that it WILL happen and you’ll be using the law of attraction to bring opportunities your way.

By taking the time to identify your strengths and desires, practicing and mentally preparing, and thinking positively, you’ll be in great shape to find a job that lights you up. Best of luck in your search!

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