7 Healthy Ways to Make Each Morning Feel Happier

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Don’t love the early hours? You’re not alone—mornings are tough for many, especially if you tend to experience your best energy at night, or often lay awake thinking about everything you need to do the next day. Though starting each day can be rough, we’ve uncovered a bunch of little things that make getting out of bed something you can actually look forward to. Keep reading for a look at our list.

    1. See a sunrise. Make the most of morning time by catching a sunrise, even if it’s just from your window. Witnessing the pretty light show is a much better alternative than hitting snooze repeatedly, or worse, dragging yourself out of bed in the dark.

    1. Connect with a friend.
      You probably fire off casual texts with your friends and family members during much of the day, so take the time to choose someone you miss and write them a thoughtful message. For an extra special touch, pen a handwritten letter and drop it in the mail on your way to work. If you know your friend is awake, call or Facetime them. Starting your day by letting someone know you’re thinking about them just because is sure to make both of you smile.
    2. Bust a move.
      You might not feel like hitting the gym when you first wake up, but you can still sneak in some movement. Put on your favorite upbeat song and bust a few moves while you make your morning coffee, get dressed, or brush your teeth. What a way to start the day!
    3. Get fresh air. There’s nothing quite like fresh air, especially on a warm summer morning. Find a few moments to sit outside or opt to walk the last block or two of your commute; you’ll appreciate the quiet moments even more later after your day is in full swing.
    4. Learn something new. Whether you like to listen to audiobooks, scroll through online news or read morning emails like The Skimm, starting your day by learning something new will give you an interesting topic for discussion later. Impress your colleagues, partners or customers with your pulse on current events, or share some trivia that inspires nostalgia or makes everyone laugh. So much fun!
    5. Order a fancy drink. Swap our your standard morning brew or cup of tea for something with a little more pizazz, but it a cappuccino, matcha latte or seasonal Starbucks drink you’ve been itching to try. An occasional treat can be a real flash of delight during the early morning hours — or at the least, a solid source of motivation to get out of bed.

  1. Shop online sample sales. The early bird gets the worm, especially on sites like Gilt, MyHabit, RueLaLa, and One Kings Lane. Not only do you stand a better chance of scoring your size during the quick sample sales, but you’ll get to experience the joy of scoping out all of the goods before they’ve completely sold out. Cha-ching! So worth it.

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