7 Last-Minute Wellness Gifts for Father’s Day

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The advent of online shopping has seemingly propelled us (okay, maybe just me?) to become a procrastinating gift-giver. If I can order something via Amazon Prime and it’ll get to me or the recipient in just two days, why do I need to plan ahead? If you’re in the same boat, and you’re wondering what you could get the Dad in your life, we’ve rounded up seven last-minute wellness gifts for Father’s Day that, if you order today, you can have on your doorstep before June 17.

7 Last-Minute Wellness Gifts for Father’s Day

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Encourage the guy in your life to keep tabs on his health with the Fitbit Versa Smartwatch. It tracks your all-day activity, can store 300+ songs for phone-free listening and it has 15+ exercise modes to record workouts for more accurate pace/distance info. It’s like a workout buddy in the form of an electronic device.

Photo courtesy of Classpass.

ClassPass Membership

What’s a better gift than an experience? ClassPass helps just about anyone (and we really do mean anyone—they have an online-only option called ClassPass Live now) get in shape by allowing you to tailor your weekly workouts based on your mood. Subscribing to ClassPass for Dad (or hubs or boyfriend or gramps) gives him the freedom to choose the classes he wants to take where he lives.

Photo courtesy of Beauty Heroes.

LILFOX Handsome Heroes Gift Set

This limited edition Beauty Heroes Handsome Heroes Gift Set, featuring LILFOX, is perfect if you’re looking to intro Dad to the world of nontoxic personal care. Even our guys, who don’t get excited about skincare, were fully on board with this mist, balm and beard oil. It’s perfect for the guy wanting to go green but not knowing where to start (or for convincing the guy in your life that greener skincare is for him).

One Part Plant Cookbook

Cookbook author and podcast host Jessica Murnane’s goal in life is to get everyone to eat one plant-based meal a day—why not help her (and the planet) out by starting with Dad? Jessica’s delicious cookbook focuses on decadent flavors for the veteran vegan and the just-dipping-my-toes-in plant-based eater alike. Her story of how plant-based eating improved her health will be as inspiring as the beautiful dishes she serves up too.

Piperwai Natural Charcoal Deodorant

A charcoal-base with a crème texture, Piperwai’s natural deodorant forms an invisible, absorbent, pH-balanced shield on underarms that neutralizes odor and protects clothes from perspiration-which makes it ideal for guys who notice sweatier pits come summer. Dad will love the unisex scent and how easy the stick is to use (lots of naturals come in pots instead of the oft-preferred stick formula). But what else would you expect from a brand that snagged a Shark Tank deal?

True Moringa Rejuvenating Body Polish

This blissful aromatic blend of Nicaraguan coffee beans, organic sugar, cold-pressed moringa and a sweet and spicy essential oil blend is almost like a dessert in a jar. True Moringa partnered with Vega Coffee— a farmer-roasted coffee company—to create this deliciously rich and rejuvenating body polish that will give Dad more reason to take his time getting ready each morning.

Organic Bath Co. RefreshMINT Body Wash

We suggest pairing this uplifting body wash from Organic Bath Co. with True Moringa’s body polish for an easy gifting duo. Infused with a blend of incredibly moisturizing oils, OBC’s organic body wash is a luxuriously pampering formula that contains no sulfates, and leaves skin hydrated, soft and smooth. Sharing it with Dad is a reminder how much you care about his health from head to toe.

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