7 Wellness Resolutions You’ll Actually Follow Through On for 2019

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New year, new you! There’s nothing that feels like a blank slate as much as the start of a new year does; January 1st inspires many people to set goals and achieve new success. However, while committing to a resolution is a popular practice, it can be difficult to stick with a goal as the weeks and months pass by.

Looking to stay the course through December 2019? Choose a realistic goal that you can accomplish each day while simultaneously adopting a healthy habit. Read on for seven simple wellness resolutions that will give you energy, bring you joy and help you feel better than ever.

1. Make time to relax.

Your to do list may be long, but taking a few minutes to yourself is a solid resolution to have and one you can follow through on with some intention. Jaclyn DiGregorio, author and positive body advocate from Cusp Ittells us that this year, she’ll aim to unwind for a bit before bed—and she plans to turn in earlier on work nights, at 9 p.m. “I think this is reasonable because it leaves plenty of room for life to happen; if I’m up late because of an event, that’s okay. I’m planning to go to bed earlier on the majority of work nights.”

“As a busy entrepreneur, self-care is the first thing that gets cut,” she explains. “I’ve learned that without taking time to destress, I can’t be my best self. I find the best way to recharge is to read an inspiring self-help or entrepreneurship book. Reads like this make me feel excited to go to sleep because I’m that close to waking up and going after my dreams. It sounds corny, but it’s true!”

2. Hydrate.

We know, we know: We’ve harped on drinking enough water before and by now, you surely know that h20 is a critical component to feeling your best.

Hydration is about more than just sipping from your favorite smart water bottle all day though; you can keep your body healthy by eating water rich fruits and veggies—or even blending them up into a delicious smoothie a few mornings each week. Talk about a tasty resolution!

“While we sleep, the body goes into detox and repair mode,” says Tara Nicholas, a personal trainer and instructor at Fhitting Room in New York City. “This process continues for a few hours after we wake up. Eating immediately once we wake up can slow the process and affect our energy levels, weight loss, digestion and more. Try a juice or smoothie three days a week and after drinking it, try to wait about two hours before eating again.”

Tara also reminds us that the benefits of of good hydration are big: Mental focus, high performance and help making healthy food choices. “I’ve had many clients think they were hungry, then have a glass of water and realize they were actually just really thirsty,” she says.

3. Slow down (you’ll enjoy things so much more).

Feel like you rush from the moment you wake up until you lay down at night? Make a resolution to slow down in 2019. Being intentional about being present can help you complete tasks more thoroughly and make better decisions. It will also contribute to enjoying each experience more, whether it’s spending time with a friend or tasting delicious food.

“My resolution is to eat slowly this year,” Brandice Lardner, personal trainer and nutrition coach from Grace Filled Plate shares with us. “When I do, I find I enjoy my food so much more and am content with smaller portions. It’s also much easier to tune into my hunger and fullness signals; I can pay attention and stop when I’m just satisfied.”


4. Cook new recipes at home.

Would you believe that according to a recent study, 77 percent of Americans would rather eat a homemade meal than eat out in 2019? Peapod’s annual meal planning forecast also shows that 43 percent of Americans plan to cook more in 2019.

Angela Kim, a health coach and personal trainer, notes that her wellness resolution falls in line. “I plan to cook at least two new recipes each month,” she says. “It’s been exactly a year since I turned vegan, and there have been some ups and downs. I have never felt better, but at the same time, I have gotten sick several times because of the lack of variety in my meals. I’m currently enrolled in a cooking course and have gotten better with managing my time… I think both experiences will help me fulfill my resolution.”

To make it happen, Angela says she’ll set aside an hour each Sunday to prep for the week—using all her favorite ingredients.

5. Use your body to do the things you love.

Bummed out about your physique? Instead of resolving to lose weight or “get fit” this year, work to find a new appreciation for your body by treating it to physical experiences that feel good. Amy McManus, LMFT at Thrive Therapy, tells us that making a resolution move more in fun ways can be an easy one to keep. “Do you love nature? Go for a walk. Do you love your dog? Go play catch  for half an hour. Do you love the wind in your hair when you ride your bike? Ride to work, or the store or a friend’s house,” she says.

Jeanette DePatie, a plus-sized certified fitness instructor, shares that her resolution is to find joy in movement this year. “This works for me because when exercise is fun, I find a way to do it,” she says. “This also works because it’s flexible. I don’t know if my work schedule will intensify or if I will get hurt or sick, and I don’t know exactly what my weight will do (nor do I focus on that in any case)—but no matter what, I can still find a joyful way to move every day.”

Jeanette’s list of creative and fun movement ideas involves teaching a class, working on new choreography, walking around the mall, and dancing with her husband; she even confesses that helping her Dad clean his garage will count.

6. Appreciate your accomplishments.

We bet you do a great job prioritizing other people and looking for ways you can become a better human or improve at what you do already. Good for you! This year though, consider following through on a resolution to appreciate your accomplishments.

“I often find that my work days pass in a haze of starting and stopping different activities, to the point that it’s difficult for me to feel like I accomplished anything,” health and wellness reporter Lydia Noyes admits. “But when I take five minutes at the end of a day to take note of everything I’ve done, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the results.”

Commit to taking just five minutes to commend yourself and reap the rewards; Lydia says you should expect a boost of positive energy along with inspiration to crush the next day.


7. Ditch the negative self talk, one day at a time.

Talk to yourself like you talk to your partner or best friend in 2019 by making a resolution to celebrate your greatest qualities instead of honing in on the things you’re working on.

“Listen to what you say to yourself and write down the exact statements that you make to yourself,” says Intuitive Eating Counselor Cindy Dallow. “Next, change those statements to something positive and celebratory. Even if you don’t believe the new statements right away, you will if you say them often enough. This is how change starts: By changing what we tell ourselves.”

Volunteering is another feel-good approach to try in 2019. “Make a resolution to help others when opportunities arise, like helping someone carry something to their car or across the street,” Amy suggests. “Science shows that altruism will add to your feelings of self-worth.”

Wellness professional Samantha Morrison gave us a suggestion for following through on a resolution to generate feelings of positive self-worth. “Spend a few minutes before bed talking to yourself or thinking out loud,” she offers. “This form of self-expression has been proven to alleviate stress, boost memory and even lower blood pressure. Simply conversing with yourself can also help clarify and solidify your deepest thoughts, fears, pleasures, worries, needs and insecurities. You’ll come to know your true self, which is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You can transform your life in amazing ways!”


Need more ideas for New Year’s resolutions? Check out our five tips for feel-good resolutions you’ll want to keep in 2019.

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