9 Wellness Podcasts to Listen to Now

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Podcasts are the new self-help books. Whether you listen on the train, in the car, while you’re getting ready or as you’re pumping iron, they’re an easy way to glean new info to improve your life. And wellness podcasts are in no shortage. We’ve listened to so. many. and know it can be hard to wade through to the best. So, we did it for you. Here are nine wellness podcasts you should add to your “up next” list now.

Food Heaven

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Registered dietitians and BFFs Wendy and Jess bring plant-based eating and healthy living to the forefront on this podcast. They both work in clinical settings outside the pod, and bring a fresh perspective to the wellness world, discussing everything from self-care to the process of creating a cookbook. If you’re in search of some simple, actionable advice when it comes to healthy eating, these girls have your back.


Everyone needs healing—and that’s the basis of the sometimes challenging, always intriguing conversations on the Healers podcast. Hosted by Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets, each pod takes a deep dive into a healing modality with practitioners from across the country. And if you don’t get quite enough from the episode, Elizabeth and her producer follow up with an “After the Woo” segment where they dissect and illuminate particularly intense pieces of their conversations (like explaining the definition of Life Activation to a skeptic).

Food Pysch

Part of the discussion that can disappear from wellness world is the mental side of food issues. We talk about mindfulness but we don’t always correlate that with how we think about food. Christy Harrison helps bring those topics to light in Food Psych, where she interviews leaders in the body-positive and Health at Every Size movements about intuitive eating, body image, eating disorder recovery, weight stigma, fat acceptance and nutrition. It’s an incredible perspective and a great balance to diet culture that claims we can’t be happy if we’re not perfectly proportioned.

Therapy for Black Girls

In this weekly conversation with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, all things mental health are on the table. She talks about personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves. From discussions about suicide to defining what Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is, Dr. Joy brings truth and guidance to her listeners.

That’s So Retrograde

One of the more irreverent pods on our list is That’s So Retrograde, hosted by Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari. Coming from fashion (Elizabeth) and comedy (Stephanie) backgrounds, these feisty ladies interview wellness leaders of the guru and woo-woo variety, with a few healers and fitness experts thrown in. You’ll laugh as much as you’ll learn while tuning in.

The Lively Show

The Lively Show is one of the OG podcasts that gently guided people into the woo. The entrepreneur and former business coach now leads her followers to intention and values-focused living, all while she travels the world indefinitely. Each episode features a wellness leader who shares his or her expertise through your headphones, offering everything from mindful money meditations to explorations of the law of attraction.

The Goal Digger

The Goal Digger podcast is a tiny detour outside of the traditional “wellness” podcasts we’ve talked about so far. But it’s about business wellness, so it’s not that far of a stretch. Jenna Kutcher, professional photographer and IG influencer who built herself a six-figure business in a few short years, shares her small-business expertise on marketing, blog writing, Instagram, pricing and everything in between on this weekly pod. With smart tips like how to price your work for success and financial growth, and why building your newsletter list is more important than having a ton of social media followers, Jenna peels back the screen on how to create a thriving small business.

Black Girl in Om

Black Girl in Om founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory host this pod about all things wellness and self-care. The show speaks directly from women of color to women of color, and brings together powerhouses from the wellness and beauty industries to inspire women around the world. It’s uplifting and fun, all while being inspirational and informative.

One Part Podcast

Jessica Murnane, plant-based food and endometriosis awareness advocate, hosts this interview-style podcast that highlights some of the more complex conversations happening in the wellness world. She speaks with industry leaders like Kathryn Budig, and opens a dialogue about everything from chronic illnesses and spiritual awakenings to motherhood and the choice to not have kids. Jessica asks great questions and listening to her pod always feels like you’re eavesdropping (in the best way!) on your cool sister’s enlightened musings.

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