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I Tried Cora’s Tampon Delivery Service—Was It Worth It?

Period care is a hot topic in today’s wellness world. We’ve tried menstrual cups, period underwear and more to curb our flow. Heck, we’ve even dived head first into using herbs to treat our PMS. Translation? We’re no strangers to the trendy (and more sustainable) menstrual care options. So, we thought it was time to…

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I Tried CBD for Anxiety and Pain Relief—Did It Work?

If you’ve been around the wellness world in the last few years, you know that CBD oil and its derivatives are more ubiquitous than matcha lattes and avocado toast. Tinctures, pills, balms and patches are touted as your solution to practically everything, from chronic pain and muscle soreness to anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. But, does…

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