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Saalt Co. and Beauty Heroes Partner in Kenya to Advocate for Menstruation Education

Saalt, the feminine hygiene startup breaking down stigmas associated with menstruation and supporting sustainable period care worldwide, recently took their work to Kenya in collaboration with retail partner Beauty Heroes.  In September 2019, Saalt’s Impact Director Danielle Burden, and Beauty Heroes’ CEO and Founder Jeannie Jarnot, traveled to the remote village of Kiminini, Kenya to…

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Gianne’s Weekly Wellness Pick: Saalt Menstrual Cup

Since founding WELL Summit, I’ve become a bit of a wellness product junkie. Organic mattress: Check. Squatty potty: Check. Matcha latte: Check. You can’t tell me I’m not living that wellness life! One perk of my job is that our team is always researching and connecting with amazing brands to feature on WELL Insiders and to…

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Balanced Hustler: Meet Amber Fawson, Co-Founder of Saalt

Being an entrepreneur can seem glamorous. We own our schedules, build our companies based on work we love—and sometimes we can even work beachside. But the glamour is second in command to the hustle.  The hustle is what really defines the ups and downs of the entrepreneurship journey. And to shed some light on the work…

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Women We’re Watching: Amber Fawson & Cherie Hoeger of Menstrual Cup Saalt

Amber Fawson and Cherie Hoeger are the co-founders of Saalt, makers of medical grade, sustainable menstrual cups. They’re also passionate advocates for global menstrual health. Their commitments to accessible period care, education surrounding period stigma and thoughtful sustainability practices are empowering women worldwide to take control of their bodies, while helping to end the marginalization…

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