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What’s the Deal with Dairy? Two Nutritionists Weigh In

Dairy has long been at the center of controversy as experts debate the merit of its nutritional content for kids and adults alike. It’s been the scapegoat for digestive issues, hormone disruption and even acne. Headlines like “It’s Time to Reconsider Low-Dairy Diets” and “Should You Be Drinking Milk?” and “I Quit Dairy and My…

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What Are Adaptogens, Really, and Do You Need Them to Be Healthy?

Would you like some lion’s mane with your coffee? Thanks to a trend in supplements, adaptogens like lion’s mane (and many other fungi) are now readily available to add to your morning pick-me-up. This category of coffee and tea add-ins is becoming so popular that it’s led to the launch of multiple companies dedicated to…

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Why You Should Be Calling Yourself An Everyday Athlete

What do you think of when you hear the word athlete? Maybe it’s an Olympian or a professional football player. Maybe it’s a soccer player at the World Cup or a tennis player at the U.S. Open. But what if the word “athlete” conjured up images of a spin class or yoga session? What if…

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