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5 Mindful Yoga Events You Need to Know About

Yoga, as a practice, provides benefits that care for both your physical and mental well being. We often look to yoga as a way to ground ourselves and tend to our personal wellness. It becomes a part of our routine but let’s face it, sometimes we want to take a little adventure! Finding the mindful yoga…

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A Day WELL Spent: Raleigh

I’m not from Raleigh, NC, but I feel like it’s a second home to me. While I was in college, my parents sold my childhood home, packed up and hit the road from suburban Massachusetts to suburban North Carolina. While I’ve been to Raleigh more times than I could count, I really hadn’t the opportunity…

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Summer Beauty Tips from Jane Iredale

You know that we here at W.E.L.L. Insiders love to use and encourage the use of clean beauty options. It only makes sense to take care of your body’s biggest organ- your skin. When it comes to “good for you” skincare, we’ve known and loved Jane Iredale for a very long time. Jane was one…

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Don’t Fear a Solo Adventure

2017: This will be my third year attending the W.E.L.L. Summit. I know my tribe now. We’ve met before. We’ve hugged. We follow one another on the internet. It’s easy to travel to a conference or event when you know you’ll have people there you can connect with. It’s natural to want to share an…

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