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5 Black Woman-Owned Wellness Businesses You’ll Want to Know

As the quest for wellness continues to influence how we conduct decisions surrounding our health, passionate practitioners, brand founders and disrupters of the status quo are ensuring wellness is accessible to all–from non-profit wellness centers and ancient healing practices to marketplaces and products that are safe (and sustainable) for all of us to use. Get…

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Nailed It! Tenoverten Brings Nontoxic Nail Care to Target

In a move that proves green beauty is more in demand than ever, Tenoverten—the nontoxic nail care brand that’s inspired a cult-like following throughout New York City, Austin and Los Angeles—is launching in big box retailer Target this month. Tenoverten was founded by Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Ilyinsky to fill a void in New York…

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Industry Giant Unilever Says It Will List Its Fragrance Ingredients On Its U.S. Products

If ever there was proof that consumer demand drives corporate action, the recent announcement by Unilever is it. Unilever, the powerhouse behind such conventional personal care brands as Vaseline, Dove, Axe and Suave will—in a groundbreaking move in the personal care industry—disclose online the fragrance ingredients used in its more than 1,100 beauty and personal…

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