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Movember: Using Mustaches to Put the Spotlight on Men’s Health

Whether you have a father, brother, son, husband or best friend, this month, their health is in the spotlight with Movember, a movement and charity dedicated to fighting prostate cancer, testicular cancer, suicide prevention and mental health. Started in 2003 by friends Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, the idea behind Movember began as a movement…

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I Tried a Menstrual Cup—Here’s What Happened

Ah, the period care aisle: Between the plastic applicators, scented pads, perfumed tampons and inordinate amount of plastic waste (how much individual wrapping do we need?), it’s enough to make a burgeoning environmentalist weep in the middle of Walgreens. Add to that the monthly expense and the inconvenience of always running out of tampons right…

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New Study Finds Eating Organic Foods Greatly Reduces Cancer Risk

As it turns out, eating organic foods really does make a difference—and not just for the planet. The American Medical Association has just published a pioneering study that draws a strong correlation between eating organic foods and a dramatic decrease in the risk of cancer. The observational study—conducted by government scientists in France—tracked the eating…

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