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Why Sipping on Healing Broth Is the Cure to Your Winter Woes

Ah, January. Somewhere between the buzz of New Year’s Eve wearing off and the resolutions kicking in, we often find we’re feeling less than our best selves. Whether you’re fighting that first dreaded tickle at the back of your throat or are in the throes of full blown flu, don’t panic. We delved deep into…

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4 Tips to Green Cleaning Your Home in the New Year

Whether you’ve made a resolution to declutter in the new year or are just looking to freshen up your home in a wholly nontoxic way, green cleaning your abode is easier than ever, thanks to readily available ingredients, sustainable home goods and a daily dose of Mother Nature. Read on for four tips to green…

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These Food Additives Banned in Europe Are Still Allowed in U.S. Foods

From cherry-colored candy and neon-hued soda to the bright white flour in that hamburger bun, food additives have long held a place on American store shelves. While the European Union has taken restrictive measures to ensure that such food additives—which have been linked to cancer—don’t reach its consumers, these substances are still allowed in U.S.…

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I Tried an IUD for Birth Control—Here’s What Happened

If you’re a sexually active woman trying to manage your birth control, you may know all too well that sinking feeling of having your pill prescription run out exactly as you’re headed out of town. (Not to mention insurance snafus, long lines to pick up prescriptions, condoms, the dreaded condom breakage and the subsequent trip…

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2 Festive Herbal Cocktails That Double As Stress Relief Elixirs

Whether you prefer your plants growing indoors in minimalist pots, surrounding you on an outdoor hike or as part of your green beauty skincare routine, the appeal of plants seems almost primal. We’re drawn to nature to relieve stress, heal illness and sustain our bodies—but when it comes to holiday cocktails, plants often get overlooked.…

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6 Ways to Make Self-Care a Priority During the Holidays

Between the glow of twinkling lights and clinking of champagne flutes, the holidays can be fun, festive—or, for many of us who have said “yes!” to too many invites, battle chronic health issues or face a mounting sense of anxiety surrounding challenging social dynamics, the holidays can also leave us feeling emotionally and physically depleted.…

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