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A Day WELL Spent in Austin

Austin, Texas, has become my family’s summer home-away-from-home for the past three years. While work and ballet training initially brought us here, it’s the culture, the kind people and let’s be honest, the unmatched tacos, that keep us coming back for more. Because our trips are not just vacations, finding healthy places to eat on…

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Eat Well Now: 3 Benefits of Summer Berries

Embracing seasonal eating benefits our health, our neighbors, the environment and the animals all around us. Welcome to our new series called Eat Well Now where we’ll highlight an ingredient you can easily get ahold of in the current season, as well as some recipes on how to enjoy it as a piece to your…

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5 Fourth of July Recipes That Can Handle the Heat

Fourth of July Recipes that can Handle the Heat

While traveling to San Francisco this spring, I learned from a local that July Fourth is typically the coldest time of the year. By day, the Bay Area rises into the 60s, but for fireworks at dusk, it’s time to bundle up, with the breeze blowing and temperatures hovering around 50. Compare that to last…

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Try These 3 Plant-Based Ideas for Your Summer BBQ

3 Plant-Based Ideas for Your Summer BBQ

While many grill all year round, the most popular day to BBQ in America remains the Fourth of July. Even if you’re in the 75 percent of people who have smokers or grills at home, they can be intimidating to use if you’ve only ever flipped meaty burgers. Since summer is a plant-eaters paradise, there’s…

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