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4 Tips Fitness Trainers Always Give to Their Clients

Whether you’re a veteran yogi, CrossFit evangelist or SoulCycle lover, any fitness fanatic knows that the best workouts tune into what your specific body’s needs are. Listening to your body as you’re moving through a fitness class or routine is just as important as sweating it out. That especially goes for starting a new workout…

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6 Ways to Take a Break (Before You Break Down)

It’s National Mental Health Day tomorrow (August 13), and we consider that a reason to call in sick. But if you’re an entrepreneur, freelance or contract worker, or mom and you don’t get sick days (we’re with you), there are still easy ways to create breaks in your day so you don’t burn out. Can’t…

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5 Unique Ways to Get Your Matcha Fix

You know a wellness trend is sticking around when you can find it at Starbucks and other chain coffee shops. That’s how matcha seems to have found its way into the mainstream—and for good reason. It’s a powerhouse of a tea, with antioxidant and energy-boosting characteristics, one with a long history of prominence in Japanese…

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