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5 Essential Oil Brands to Add to Your Daily Routine

Essential oils have long been touted as powerful natural remedies for nearly any ailment, and if you’ve used them yourself, you might have experienced why. Naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-bacterial and more, EOs are essentially (pun intended) the most powerful parts of plants, distilled down into a therapeutic oil. But with the rise in essential oils…

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Women We’re Watching: Simone Wan, CEO of IN:TotalWellness

Simone Wan, L.A.c, founder and CEO of IN:TotalWellness, is a licensed Chinese herbalist, health care provider and acupuncturist who has been treating thousands of patients for common ailments including pain, anxiety and sleeplessness for almost 15 years. She was motivated by her personal experience with pain and opioid addiction, which she ultimately healed herself from,…

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I Tried the TUSHY Bidet—And Here’s What Happened

The first time I ever heard of a bidet was when a physical therapist of mine recounted her time spent in a European hospital after giving birth. “It was miraculous,” she said, “to have something to gently clean my lady parts without harsh toilet paper. I thought I was living in a dream.” That was…

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5 Ways to Sleep Better (And More Effectively) Tonight

By now, it’s barely news that getting enough sleep is key to stress reduction, brain and body function, skin health and problem-solving capabilities. But what if you’re already logging your requisite seven to nine hours—can your sleep get any better than that? Yes, we say. You can use those restful hours to help your body…

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