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Made in New England: Meet Deborah Suchman of Polkadog Bakery

As an art student and fiction writer, Boston pals Deborah (Gregg) Suchman and Robert Van Sickle didn’t consider themselves “business savvy.” That said, they had an idea: to earn their place in the heart of the South End by bringing something new to the neighborhood. The solution? Polkadog Bakery, whipping up scratch-made sustainable dog treats…

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Made in New England: Meet Beth Shissler of Sea Bags

When Beth Shissler left her corporate job to join forces with Sea Bags to help scale the company, her friends thought she was crazy. Their mission—to transform recycled sails into nautically inspired totes—was unheard of at the time, but her gut was telling her she could help them grow. Well, her gut instinct was right:…

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Made in New England: Meet Sarah Kaeck of Bee’s Wrap

Eco-conscious consumers are making an effort to reduce waste—from using reusable bags at the supermarket to dabbling in backyard composting. But what about food storage? With plastic wrap as the go-to for most families, Vermonter Sarah Kaeck was frustrated when she couldn’t find a better alternative to keep her homemade bread fresh. It didn’t take…

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